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eenie meenie

eenie meenie

Minnie moe,

catch one red-handed

and by the toe,

if they bother to make excuses

then, let them go…

Or prepare and brace

your self




Something to hold for the moment

The clothes

don’t make the man

the man

makes the clothes,

from the highest him self

this woman was perfectly fitted

in a league

all of her own,

with a smile that gets me dizzy

and curves

like I’ve never

seen before,

how her body

contains it all

must be a God blessing

and it shows,

like a lace up corset

it hooks your eyes from the back

 lacing up the sides of your mind

oh how her light skin can hold,

such majestic

causing temptation

with the simple scent

of many a rose,

I’m smitten

and she’s bitten

on to the concept

that I’ve sold,

I product placed

then replaced

what I truly was

unworthy to hold,

she figures me out

undresses her self

and tells me that

my confession was bold,

soon after we embraced

 face to face

and from that point

she couldn’t let go,

her shape

I crave

so I then engrave

my soul into her mold,

she accepts

with blissful breathes

that I now

have to go…

That fast


Don’t you
F’ing move.
I tried playing nicely
all iT did Was prove,

That chances,
Like interceptions,
Aren’t given
Their taken.
Thus I myself
Have no time
For examples
Or wasting.

Lay away
With words
Like you
Cover up with paint,
Staring down
The barrel
Makes you think.

Turns one
Could of made
Is gone
Within a blink,
Needed to be said
Never had the chance
Because I couldn’t speak.

Decisions made
That fast
Have nothing
Left To grasp,
Then a momentary
Of hands
When they clasp,

Up to
One an other
Please Make
IT/this touch last,
The current has
Another agenda
Because IT is
Now past.

prove your love (by spending excessively)

can you feel the holiday spirit?

if not, please note; the commercials are trying to help.

letting you in on all the best deals

on the items that, your family simply can’t live with out.

if you love them then you have to

that’s what this holiday is all about.

tuck in the $ign$ behind the X

and take that Christ part right on out.

tis the season for seasons greetings

and you can’t come over, unless you’re putting out.

Merry X-Mas! Happy Holidays!

everybody at a business shouts

future truth

I cant run from the past

all I can do is hit the gas,

and go towards a place

that’s far away/somewhere safe,

if that means outside my comfort

zone I cant wast time & wonder,

what if this doesn’t work what can I

believe if it all sounds like lies..

that’s the past and its rotten at its root

that’s why im going forward searching for truth..