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In Your Dreams

Think things…

Believe them…

who can take it away?

when your playing pretend…


I am

a mad man…

I just need

a little push

to get me off the deep end…

This is where

I can be my silliest,

but it has to be

in secret..

Not everyone

is privileged

to see


My feet in concrete

and I’m


Saying things

in calculated contrary

to how you may be thinkin’…

so please,

push me away


Lemme (us) Go

You hush up


don’t you

open up

your mouth,

it took this


to figure out the problem

do you really think

im just going to let you on out?

they say

where you lay your hat

is your home

you’re not going anywhere

so relax and welcome to your new house,

what was being done before

didn’t work

your ideas and notions

are now being delouse’d,

so I


you stay

as quiet

as a mouse,

this action/affection

is my retaliation

for your short comings

my split/spare personality

you very naughty spouse,

the more

your squeal and

the more you meow

then all the more

you’ll violently arouse,

my cynicism

please do it for the children

their all tied together

with my holy and whore contour like a vow,

nice guy decor

the assholes

are taking over

security don’t let him breathe

or anybody else, get out!