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The next Move



I have iT

in my hands,

I want to do

something with it

but im scared

so I stand,

not too sure

on my next move

damn the feeling of feeling damned,

she fell right

into my palm

but to bother her

I can’t,

I fidget

feeling rigid

 I AM a Richard

I’m the man,

the king in me

is humbled

and I bow

as if on holy land,

that doesn’t mean

I don’t attempt

but every kick

is caught by another hand,

that assures me

somethings going to happen

but it’s not

what I have planned,

so all the more

does it make me mad

and all the more

do I demand,

for more

oh this whore

has me heated

and then a fan,

hovers over and cools me off

I’m put off

and forget

why I heavily pant,

once I sit

all the way down

I can now

figure out my next dance

shes right next to me (want)

she’s so close

i can touch her

but of course I reframe,

from revealing

maybe not so obvious feelings

just in case she doesn’t feel the same,

when she stares into my eyes

i feel like she’s silently screaming

hurry up & ask me on a date,

but then the beauty of her being

gives me a cocky smirk

like nigga are you insane..

so im


in the middle,

with only

my thumbs

to fiddle,

killing time

while contemplating

just a little,

of some sort

of  nonchalant way

to get her to my tempo..


once I approach

my energy gets out of whack,

normally confident

but her aura

pushes it back,

like a little boy’s voice

going through puberty

I would speak & it would crack,

so off the grid

of my power

I jumped and skipped acouple tracks..

so with a slight slap

im brought down

to the earth I walk on,

im not as invincible

as i thought I was

okay okay, yeah yeah, right on,

so now I feel

like i must second think

before i go & get my walk on,

to untreated waters

that seem slippery

and far off..

she sits

right next to me

so why try to rush,

overexposed conversation

 of who/what/where/when

why push,

is the excuse that

I tell my self

to hold back from my crush,

i sit back

right next to her

so badly wanting to touch..