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Question not the canvas but the paint



stems from a root.

That grows

With strength

knowing exactly

what to do.

Mixed with
Drag the summers
Into a loop.

Being a slave
To the cold
hail & rain.
Can’t wait,
To break through.

The cycles
Don’t change
Just the view
Of the range ,

Where the seed plants
And leans towards,
Always shows
iT’s intent,
& iT’s plead
For the truth.

Where iT starts
And where iT goes
Shouldn’t mean a thing,

Just make sure
What you water & feed
(With love)

Holiday BuZZ


I want far too much,

Even after

Being told

That one should never covet.

If the material

Is what fuels,

Surely that inspiration

Should stand for something.

Uninspired i lay,

Knowing I need

To stand,

Or at the very least

Say something.

I think the high

Is coming down,

But I’m still numb,

Feeling nothing.

To a Happy New Year


Does a new year

Really stand for a new you?

Juggling demons

Isn’t the same

as slaying them


Is True….

I’ll be frank

Excuses aren’t my aim

Or what I plan on

“Trying to do”.

I truly want

to be,


There are too many vices

To ween off of slowly

Or diffuse.

Having to break down walls

Sounds exhausting,

But the hauntings

Aren’t cute…

I’m not hard

To be found

But I’ve hidden far away


To miss a few cues…

Some would think

I’ve died away,

There’s parts that are,


It’s in the realm

Of altering views.

That my comedic

Inability to express,

Has pigeon tied me to…

To be Bold

Is to be Brave

What’s more different

Then what herds follow & choose?

The years

(If we’re lucky)

Pass often enough

(Some unfortunately)

In repeat,

Until we decide

On something to do….

What that something is



On You.

Just Do IT

The more things change
The more they stay the same.
And the more one try’s
The further away is the lane.

Don’t feed after midnight

It’s been
A whole year
The last time,
What did
One learn
How to pass the pass time?
Don’t feed
night desires
Since those demons
Knowhow to walk
fine line,
It is not
When results are expected
Prior to
looking back
in hind sight.
Oh .
Is it
Too late
To ask
I don’t
Want to
to Fight,
Hoping that
the time
That It takes
To think thought
It Doesn’t Take away
all of my
A year
I gasp
Lets not
with violent spite.

The E.N.D

This can be the end
Or This can be the beginning
This can be the time to sow
Or the time to reap all the winnings
Opportunities are often taken
Since they’re not always given
We can all bare our cross
Or blaze a trail with thoughtful sinning.

Now We can wear a skirt smile and play the fool
Or choose a robe that conserves for the wise
We can keep our understanding in the dark
Or bring our issues out into the ever healing light
We can stay down and away from confrontation
Or fight for the weak so that they can rise
No matter what your stance is this new year
the energy never dies

Almost there


We’re almost there
We’ve almost made iT through,
On our last lap
We can give iT our all, or just cruise,
Whats beyond the horizon
I don’t know, but iTs due,
I have my ideas
But I don’t know, if iTs true,
Karma may thank me or spank me
Fear lies in the truth,
Ive been honest in my intent
Speaking through a crooked smile, Not having to chip a tooth,
that’s why I’m eager for the new year
Hoping iT brings something new,
I’ve gone in too many circles
To want to stay in the loop,
I want to go over and beyond
And pray my guardians come too,
Please God, give me more angels than demons
As I recline on the roof,
Of the towers you have placed me in
There isn’t too much room,
Hell or Heaven
The thought brings a noose,
Hope for a better tomorrow
Please come through