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do I want

to give your phone

a ring,

but sadly

I know

that your probably

somewhere out or in with him,

I’ve never met him

im not threatened

but I know he makes

your heart sing,

and as my muse

for a brief moment

I know what I want

is that  something,

my thirst isn’t quenched

by those

who to me

do the calling,

is this my payback

possibly that

or I want what isn’t for me

to be having,

so I just admire you

from instagram

since I have no reason

to give you a ring-a-ling,

although I know

if we did anything

I’d have you stuck in repeat

like your all time favorite movie scene,

and yet still I don’t call

because to me


is the worst thing,

they say it’s better

to have loved and lost

but as a writer

I need my torturing,

with that said

I leave my wanting

held on the line


The Cha-Cha dancing Killer

I’ve seen
many a killer
Dead square
in the eyes,
Not just once
I’ve had the pleasure
Damn near
a couple of times,
However this time
It doesn’t appear
there’s going to be a crime,
Except for the displeasure
Of not making
this killer mine.
This killer is beautiful
And Elegantly Divine
One to count their steps
Yet a free spirit/A real spice of life.
I’ve been in of the presence
Of those in her profession
But never so stealth
In my own skin yet somehow its still a disguise.
We are both
aware of the other
But she’s the one
that’s easy On the eyes,
Her advantages
Are great
And I
Can only be mindful of my replies.
I quickly ponder on how
I can ball and chain/arrest this killer
But then I hit myself with the question why?
If God designed us to be
A repeat of our history
And I my self
Have been killed many a time.
Is IT destiny
For this to be the death of me
Since Every
Death Is but a way to redefine,
is this the blessing Of evolution
My reason and constitution
To bare knuckle brawl
And have her
as my inspiration
to finally become Alive!?!