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The Chase






angels and demons

in the flesh

at the wrong time, perfect setting,


into the soul

wisdom of fear

so one is never forgetting,

how close

the far away

from believable

has got you sweating,



all signs

point to YES,

trying your hardest

to lawyer the mind

on what and why

somethings burning right through your chest,

the soul

wont let it go

the wicked never get

any rest,

dragged up and down all around

the long hour days

hiding from

our own mess,

of  the torture

and the chase

iT is

but a test

so pretty she puts my beliefs on hold

she’s prettier then I remember

its funny what it took to see

all that she truly is

when im not concerned of her over powering and  controlling me

she’s so wild and she’s so free

im intoxicated by her energy

all I want is to touch her all over

just to make sure that she’s really in front of me

and then when I do

all that she can do is but smile and giggle at me

seeing my soul mate in another flesh that I honestly thought was the devil

scares the BE jesus out of me

that to me