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getting around


is one feeling

I don’t intend

on passing on,

but I can’t help

the role I play

if I’m not

floating on a cloud,

I carry heavy weight


that wont

allow me to carry on,

my god took them away

but I picked them back up

as soon as I felt



can handle this

this is only

but a kiss,

if cupid



may she miss,

I don’t know

if I’m ready

to just

up and quit,

I just


the power of my words

oh how passion stems from the lips,

my dear if you

lay lifeless

understand its just shock

in time you’ll get over this

I see More than a Twinkle

Fairy tales


all that she wants

its right there,

in her dreams

up in the air,

all she can do

is just stare,



her energy

that slight scare,

that down here

is not up there,

figuring that in due time

it will all fare well,

but until then


right now is far to far

& there’s contemplation on withering away or dare to care…

it takes much to look up

knowing that, I’m stuck down here,

that twinkling from my obstacles & moon light

provides just, enough glare,

that shines on my bruises

& strengths that most often tear,

oh how just a kiss

will cure the heaviest of moments I don’t want to share

i need

I need

something to love

I have

so much love to give,

I can spend iT

all on my self

but all that does

is leave me with,

the longing

for something much more

im greedier

than a little kid,

my soul screams

gimmie gimmie

because I want to be

babied just a little bit,

I want to receive

what iT is

that I also

 want to give,

the only problem with that is

it’s a recession

and everyone’s either broke lacking the knowledge of how to love

or holding iT back keeping iT all in,

so like

a domino effect

some get knocked down

and others fall out of iT,

my need

is then viewed as a want

and then I feel 


because I wasnt

able to get

what I was so sure

id be able to convince,

I need

like an obese man starves

the hunger pains

are all in the head

i dont like that

I don’t like that

I have to

think of you,

so much during the day

that’s not

what im use to,

im curious as to,,,

what you’re doing


what type of people,

your surrounding

your self around with

when im not with you,

dare i say

I think/I know

that i do

miss you.

customer service


customer service

is so hard to come by,

they’re suppose to take a bullet

and assure that the customer is always right,

but most don’t like to put forth an effort

as if they defy what they’re working for,

what kind of whore are you

if you’re not doing what you’re getting paid for?

service with a smile

is what, would be nice,

service without the regret

of picking the place you’re at tonight,

maybe today just wasnt your day

we all have them,

but your problems & dysfunctions arent others problems

we all have them..

please crawl back

to what ever whole your crawled out of,

the world doesn’t need another poopy face

it needs another hug,

i hope you take my words

as some constructive criticism,

i want to invoke provoke

then heal you, so you can in turn heal the system