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Oh Archie

I fight my self
On the daily.

Some would say
That I’m a bit crazy.

Aren’t we all?
Just a Lil bit

Ah, those were the days
When I didn’t
But those memories
Are a bit foggy and hazy.

My arch nemesis
Is the ache in my heart
Because sometimes that dictates
My rhythm & patience.


you say that I can’t

but I know that I can,

just because you don’t see IT

doesn’t mean I can’t believe it

because believing is all that is needed

so once my hearts hope feeds with

what my minds poison had almost completely  depleted,


Talk that Talk

she keeps

talking with her hands,

angry or unsure

happy upset or sad,

i cant tell exactly what she whats

because she keeps changing her demands,

a waving finger cursing sailor

scornful lady who had plans,

without consulting others

so me unknowing, did my own thing & she doesn’t understand,

I don’t mind read or assume

so can simmer down the hand…

Power of Nancy

There is no

denying the truth

and sometimes depending on perception

can make that next move uncouth

we think things into existence

so before you chicken out and fly/leave the coupe

know that the car goes where you steer

and in the end you do what you want to do

if it doesn’t do any good

then what does it really prove

negative nancy doesn’t leave what she fancies

so she remains unable to break her glue

The E.N.D

This can be the end
Or This can be the beginning
This can be the time to sow
Or the time to reap all the winnings
Opportunities are often taken
Since they’re not always given
We can all bare our cross
Or blaze a trail with thoughtful sinning.

Now We can wear a skirt smile and play the fool
Or choose a robe that conserves for the wise
We can keep our understanding in the dark
Or bring our issues out into the ever healing light
We can stay down and away from confrontation
Or fight for the weak so that they can rise
No matter what your stance is this new year
the energy never dies

A Jack of all trades with quite the case of o.c.d

is there

such a thing

as a

healthy obsession,

are we

not consumed

by life’s offers

and constant rejections,

I can’t stand

being told no

but then again

who wants what someone else can get in seconds,

my mind and heart

are a pair of constantly bickering old landlords

forever yelling at their tenants

dont stop driving… even if your not steering

im behind the wheel

but im still not sure if im driving

sometimes i wonder

if fait is faith

and if iTs even worth dying,

(for) i think it’s just


and laziness

that are intertwining,

drowning out my hearts


from reaching

unknown but desired islands…

(listen to the title)