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Beardoe’s Rant

Whatever keeps us
Is what keeps distracted us
At bay,
Most of the time
We think it’s okay,
This will eventually
Just Go away,
Saving all the hate
For another day,
Either believing or second guessing
what all them Have to Say,
Settling for
“that’s so cray”,
When theres soul much more
Left here At stake,
It all vanishes
With out a trace,
Speaking of implants
That’s are so fake,
We take our real
And figure out how they relate,
But since it’s different
We disregard it like its a Sunday,
Already complaining
About the week showing its face,
5 more days
Is our chant for chase,
Working for the weekend
Like its some race,
Not enjoying the opportunity
That comes with today.
Getting lost in sounds
That quickly hypnotize are brains,
Sure to unlock the doors
With secrets that feel like lace,
Designed to influence
What subconscious keeps safe,
Only growing stronger
In all the time that we waste,
Yet my legs still
Move not in haste,
Don’t let the enemy
Take you & keep you a slave.

Comparison Tears

Just like

a time line

Every moment

has its season,

Every cause

has its effect

& every tear

has its reason,

there are tears that

can be of joy


there are tears that

can also be those of treason,

Theres ones that we hold dear

& others dethroned because

iT seemed like

iT had no meaning,

im a bargain hunter

with a bleeding heart

& soft spot for things

that look bombed out & depleted,

if I’m that hopeful

how much more so

is God steadfastness love

for his little repenting heathens,