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For lack of a better term of phrase

Has never been
Strong suit.

If I don’t get
What I want
Right away
Then it’s on
to something new.

If not neglecting
All that I hold true.

However this time
I’m waiting
like I’ve never
Ever wanted to.

And Never
Have I ever
wanted like
I want you.

Writing rhymes & riddles
In poems
For days
Like Its THE
Only thing to do.

Hoping it grabs
Your attention
And you understand
I’m not just trying to do
What iT is that most dudes do.

I love
Your everything’s
That In which
you boast to…

It’s no wonder
Why I wonder
So much about you
During/throughout the day.

What are you doing?
How are you feeling?
Did you get your sleep?
Have you gotten home safe?

If I get
No response
I tend to worry
As If I said something,
the wrong way.

I know
I throw out too much
All at once
And words can flip
like bullets ricochet…

Is that
My subtle clue
That I should
Slowly slip away?

Since my fascinations
Could just be
An inconvenient phase.

That kick started
Soon as I was victim
To your “idgaf
about you” face.

Charm is
Often deceitful
& beauty is
Usually vain.

I’ve been too scared
To ask your spiritual views
I hold you on high to be praised…

You are no longer
Forced to
be around me,
So in essence
You’re free.

I’ll leave
My Ramblings
To “random” pictures
That register to others
As simply amusing.

Spilling my heart
Like Easy come/Easy go,
Freddie preached
To those

Build me
With Super strength
The devil drugged me
With that’s confusing.


im not a player

and I don’t crush a lot,

but I have had the luck

of being at the right place in the right spot,

with the right light shining out

and a swagger that just, didn’t wanna stop,

got what I wanted

and left as soon as it was that time on the watchtower/wrist clock,

I always felt guilty

that there was nothing left to keep me

interested since all the mystery

was gone out the window once ones legs swung above & bodies laid beneath me,

I always aimed to please

that’s why I figured we broke even,

both parties left satisfied

because we quenched the thirst from all the teasing..

but woe

i have just been

a victim

to the old switcheroo,

i settled in the thought

of sticking around

since it was frowned upon

to not stick it through,

i figured

id be the good guy

and try to make IT

something more than just something to do,

her body was easy

to figure out

so why not

look like a king at what i do,

but she tells me

i have a boyfriend

but we can

hang out on the weekends,

 if that’s cool?