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Sour Grapes of the lonely

I’d be lying
If I said;
Tonight I’ve
Only had
One sip…

Among the many things,
That pour out
From my
Curved lips…

Can wait
With rich tastes,
As sweet as this…

Now drunk
Eager “love”,
I demand an
Aggressive kiss…

But With no one
I laugh out loud
And just,

she waited

with the times like they are

not many are willing to travel very far

to accommodate for another

unless they’re directly benefiting from the war

that they themselves are not battling

so how can understanding even be sub par

but she wanted so she waited

now my heart for her is ajar

a family affair

love doesn’t live here

any more

but her sisters

make frequent visits,

they’re definitely

not the same

type of “whatever you can imagine”

but they all love blowing kisses,

hidden agendas aren’t always


most their attempts

are more hit then misses,

the excitement

of something different.

gives my sensitive’s

the perfect twistings,

the exhilaration

of something tempting,

has left vacant

where once had consistent living,

getting has

replaced the gift of giving,

also the relationship expectations

of what this was at the beginning…

iWonder if that old saying is true

if the apple

doesn’t fall

that far

from the tree,

whats the


of the daughter

treating me,

the way

her mother

has treated other men

within a three hundred and sixty degree,

perimeter around her

I shouldnt judge

but I cant help

but wonder these,


since ive witnessed

facts I wasnt wanting to see,

im glad

that I did

that way

surprised wont be he,

who wonders

how could of this

have happened

I’ve had an ample chance of warnings,

on one side

im grateful of what she’s showing

but on the other hand

how long until my own rain begins pouring?

a princes kiss

one mans trash

is another mans


she’s been used up once

so being used again

is just ‘whatever’,

the domino effect

continues on and on

until the hello,

of THE prince with a kiss

and a promise

to recognize the treasure,




the chains,

that have

wrapped against

her tightly

restraining her wings,


stretching out

and flying

with the dreams,

that some one

could actually

love her

and not see her as a ‘thing’