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The Fall

We were given paradise

with a very simple rule

obey what YHWH says

and that we couldn’t even do

we were

blessed with a biology

that produces the juiciest

of fruits

some with the knowledge

of our mind

others interconnected with

the womans womb

that very mixture

got us to believe

that we can do

what ever iT is that we want to do

which is definitely

the case and point

but now we must deal with

the after effects of it too

out to fend

for our selves

we must learn

and make tools

which we rely on

taking us even further off

the cliff of the fallen

*thump* (if still alive) *bruise*

tatoos & smiles

covered behind

the ink

that she feels expresses

her inner self,

lieing through

her teeth

with a smile

that is convincing

every one else,

that all is good

when problems


are still

left unfelt,

the days drag

until end

of the weak week,

where she can finally

let go

and speak deep,

let her hair down

and empower

her inner freak,

losing control

of what she was steering

because she is but

meek meat

waiting to never see you again

i would be lying

if i said

i wasnt

a little bit disappointed,

i have yet to hear

from you

as per our 3 to 6 month

on & off again enrollment,

we’d live off on our own

then come back

and share a story

& a smoke,

speaking only of good things

and on that same note

i wonder if that’s why

we have yet spoke,

they say

things will get far worse

before they get

any bit better,

with this sort of thinking

its easy to believe

that chances are looking

closer to never,

ive lost my sense of time

around the last time

i heard your voice,

loving you was not an option

in this matter

i had no choice,

i guess i can wait it out

in hopes i see you again,

either that or hope

the memory of you ends.

like whoa

my love is like woe

in which what keeps me up

also brings me down,

guilty thoughts of not being faithful

100 & 10%

all the way down & around..



oh/woe my love how I miss you

so much

its brings me tears,

the ones ive been holding back

is pouring out for all of the years,

that have come in & out between us

like total utter strangers,

taking us to places

that we know only equals danger,

but love drunkenness

here we go,

not knowing how to run

or how to take it slow,

you gotta be all in

and just go for broke,

to much of not enough

has me sighing

like whoa…..

a friendly reminder from my lady luva

oh lesbian lover

(woe) how you break my heart,

you call me to break you off

yet you leave when I “call you out” of the dark,

you’ve built a comfort level

that isn’t healthy or very smart,

I love you too much to let you go

that why I take my hit & play my part..

I out loud tell you

im going to take you & keep you

and I have a feeling inside

your waiting for me to do it,

whether you understand or unknowing know

my situation

hasn’t turned around

which is why I havent actually proved it,

so I figured

our lapse in communication

would push you away to find another objection

and make a move on over to it,

yet here I am

still hearing from you

as a reminder not to give up

and keep on getting to IT

for show

the make up

the push up

the polish

the WHOA,

the short skirt

the sly smirk

the hip twirk

the hoe,

has got my


& im thinking


how could I

call her that

it’s because

I know,

her make

her model

her type

her toll,

her hurting

her flirting

distinct wording


her defense


for illusions

just for show

ahh (part 1)

Product Placement

God 1st

Then Bizar Mindz

Thats the brand…


i mess up

just trying

to wake up,

i put

my face on

as if

its make up,

but that

dont make up

because its

made up,

so here i am still

trying to


Right now

my soul is stuck

in a zone,

where im not able

to latch on

or be letting go,

on to anything

that also willing

to properly hold,


is hitting its peak

this SHIT is so old..

(soul) out with the old

(soul) in with the new,

just a ‘drop top’

down lonely avenue

on cruise,

im not to sure

what to do

im confused,

my scars our showing off

how their black & their bruised ,

so eww

like a tu-tu

take it away,

don’t bother \

saving BAD SHIT

for another day,

what good is negative

if its you

trapped in a maze,


not right now

im not trying to play,

go away

im trying to

give it UP to the lord,


he hears cursing

on all the evil that’s going on,

I pray

rocking back and forth

trying to tell him im alone,

but I cant

even speak

all I can do is moan..

ahhhhhh….. ahhhh…… ahhhhh….. ah…..