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Magnet ends

I don’t want to be bothered.
And Sometimes
Thats all that I want.

I’m playing hide & go seek
With my feelings,
I can’t hide from the taunt.

All by self
Feels natural.
Mixed with company
Feels odd.

Loneliness builds up
My monster of sadness,
The persistence of others
Keeps me in awe.

I push you away
With half strength
So you can,
leave me alone.

In hopes
That you
push against the grain,
Just so you
Can stay close.

Not to sure
where the edge of the cliff is,
I’m just thankful
Going over
I don’t.

Playing roulette
With my chances,
Is the closest control
I can hold.

Push to Restart again

They say

Fools fall

& rush in love.

I hate

A fools


Tripping hand over fist


And swift,

But ultimately

For entertainment…

In lust with love

I fall,


& quite frequent.


Out of ignorance,

The unconscious mind

and lonely soul

Tend to play tricks

Since they keep

so many secrets…