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Magnet ends

I don’t want to be bothered.
And Sometimes
Thats all that I want.

I’m playing hide & go seek
With my feelings,
I can’t hide from the taunt.

All by self
Feels natural.
Mixed with company
Feels odd.

Loneliness builds up
My monster of sadness,
The persistence of others
Keeps me in awe.

I push you away
With half strength
So you can,
leave me alone.

In hopes
That you
push against the grain,
Just so you
Can stay close.

Not to sure
where the edge of the cliff is,
I’m just thankful
Going over
I don’t.

Playing roulette
With my chances,
Is the closest control
I can hold.

Push to Restart again

They say

Fools fall

& rush in love.

I hate

A fools


Tripping hand over fist


And swift,

But ultimately

For entertainment…

In lust with love

I fall,


& quite frequent.


Out of ignorance,

The unconscious mind

and lonely soul

Tend to play tricks

Since they keep

so many secrets…

Oh Won’t You Be My Neighbor

I keep
my self busy
the holy lonely.
I try my best,
Not to
think of you…

The itch
scratches at me
Like it’s my
one & only.
So like
an old habit,
I reach
for you…

The past visits
baring gifts.
Giving me
the feels,
Like I got
nothing better to do….

I sit and I stare
As I
adore you
At work,
You never
Look back.
Making me worry
what I mean
To you…

I look into
The mirror
Reflecting my
a bit deeper,
And no one
can prove
That they’re not true…

So like
A good
Who stitches
& concepts together,
i can’t picture
Any sweater
That’ll fit me
Much better
Than you….

Right under your nose

There it was

As pretty as luck

would have it,

I was looking around

the room

And there it was

On top of the mattress,

How can I fasid

The mind of the bastard

Who’s opinion has often

Re mastered,

Beliefs of old

With current event

Trickle effecting daggers,


With a stagger,

That is often confused

For some type of swagger,

But even with

I can still
Hardly handle,

This panic attack

That more often
Times than not
wants to dismantle,

The ego

That gets

Even badder,

With every conquest

And every lasso,


That someone will listen

And pray

To knock down the
My inner towers
Of babel,


This competition

My heart tired
And Even sadder,

With Love



My soul

It battles,

But love
No matter
How mistreated
Bruised And battered,

On its own

With ignorance
For a clone

And other crazy

To those who hear

Should never be
Focused on,
But life’s been screaming
“F*** You!”
And I’ve been singing along…
God I know & trust
But the devils argument
Is very very strong.
I don’t even want to live
When my frame of thinking
Is this wrong!

the king sits lonely again, in a circle full of unfamiliar friends

another day

another sigh,

another long

tiring night,

holding on

for raw strength

only letting go

with more lies,

so many bitter tears

have reached the lashes

of my eyes,

i am

 often the villain

but this time

 i cant find,

any more reason

to bark

or to bite,

they’ve taken me

off the throne

that i held

for only as long

as they liked,

not to demean

 but to be

a not to far

away light,

but apparently

they want me

in the open space

so that my soul can hide

ahh (part 1)

Product Placement

God 1st

Then Bizar Mindz

Thats the brand…


i mess up

just trying

to wake up,

i put

my face on

as if

its make up,

but that

dont make up

because its

made up,

so here i am still

trying to


Right now

my soul is stuck

in a zone,

where im not able

to latch on

or be letting go,

on to anything

that also willing

to properly hold,


is hitting its peak

this SHIT is so old..

(soul) out with the old

(soul) in with the new,

just a ‘drop top’

down lonely avenue

on cruise,

im not to sure

what to do

im confused,

my scars our showing off

how their black & their bruised ,

so eww

like a tu-tu

take it away,

don’t bother \

saving BAD SHIT

for another day,

what good is negative

if its you

trapped in a maze,


not right now

im not trying to play,

go away

im trying to

give it UP to the lord,


he hears cursing

on all the evil that’s going on,

I pray

rocking back and forth

trying to tell him im alone,

but I cant

even speak

all I can do is moan..

ahhhhhh….. ahhhh…… ahhhhh….. ah…..