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For lack of a better term of phrase

Has never been
Strong suit.

If I don’t get
What I want
Right away
Then it’s on
to something new.

If not neglecting
All that I hold true.

However this time
I’m waiting
like I’ve never
Ever wanted to.

And Never
Have I ever
wanted like
I want you.

Writing rhymes & riddles
In poems
For days
Like Its THE
Only thing to do.

Hoping it grabs
Your attention
And you understand
I’m not just trying to do
What iT is that most dudes do.

I love
Your everything’s
That In which
you boast to…

It’s no wonder
Why I wonder
So much about you
During/throughout the day.

What are you doing?
How are you feeling?
Did you get your sleep?
Have you gotten home safe?

If I get
No response
I tend to worry
As If I said something,
the wrong way.

I know
I throw out too much
All at once
And words can flip
like bullets ricochet…

Is that
My subtle clue
That I should
Slowly slip away?

Since my fascinations
Could just be
An inconvenient phase.

That kick started
Soon as I was victim
To your “idgaf
about you” face.

Charm is
Often deceitful
& beauty is
Usually vain.

I’ve been too scared
To ask your spiritual views
I hold you on high to be praised…

You are no longer
Forced to
be around me,
So in essence
You’re free.

I’ll leave
My Ramblings
To “random” pictures
That register to others
As simply amusing.

Spilling my heart
Like Easy come/Easy go,
Freddie preached
To those

Build me
With Super strength
The devil drugged me
With that’s confusing.

To those who hear

Should never be
Focused on,
But life’s been screaming
“F*** You!”
And I’ve been singing along…
God I know & trust
But the devils argument
Is very very strong.
I don’t even want to live
When my frame of thinking
Is this wrong!

Already near the end of another year

look at where we’re going

aint iT going fast,

sometimes iT

seems so slow, I swear iTs dragging ass,

but as I look again

I see that so much has already passed,

why is it that/ the bitter takes forever

and the sweet hardly ever last,

the truth is whispered/ barely heard

while  lies are screamed out loud taking grasp,

of all our attention

while in suspension/ we watch time-lapse,

I notice my self/ on the same lane

as if its been but a second/ and I just took a glance,

already near the end of another year

and iTs happened, way too fast…

How many times must we go through this?

I come to you often

most times

you just ignore,

I don’t like

getting rough

but if im gentle you just absorb,

and reject any open doors

so if it’s not what you want

then I know you, you wont explore,

a closed mouth

can’t get fed

and your picky like a whore,

who’s done her time

around the blocks in the ghetto

who then moved up to the east side, near the expensive sea-shore,

now you think

that your special or something

or another,

I in love

I earnestly


that you shake off

your habits quick

because I’ve teared you down once before,

history has a way

of repeating it self

and it seems like I must, like a chore,

get your attention

in some dimension

in an allure,

blame who you truly worship

because it aint the based GOD

thats gotten you out of this once before


my mind


is fighting


against it self


from what


i know


and the things thoughts have dealt


from what


i did
to how i felt


my brain


is ice
that this bud just melts…


not far away
is my pain


i cant remember


which lane


i had my memories





to the ground


to the grave
i just know
that IT saved…


get me untie
out of
of this


let me leave

this broker/this pimp

this bitch


to the sky
in the
in a spliff


with a tick
she wont
and cant
accompany with…


so why bother
why pay


why try to go
that way
we live
we pray
were lucky to be alive


and if its free
what can i say
other than

giving is just

another way


to get
 my attention
to get me
to stay…


but no not i


no lie


im trying


really hard


to fly


but what you see


with your eyes


aint what i need


by the night…


what happens
when you sleep

while you snore


 you dream


although you may not
remember it
it plays back
like a movie
stuck on repeat…


it keeps go in
and im going


im growning
as i grow in


you’re not want


but then
its to late
too late…


My bad


i see you


that “GOOD”


i need you


let’s make


our selves




and strive


as better




i may


be the worst


but its




such a thirst


that i




i yearn


for my






once i call
and ask


love touches
my head
and that split second


i am washed
then after
repent inn


out of
back into heaven


please believe
i learned
my lesson
until i mess up
by thinking
and not believ


like water in my hands

time has dripped every drop

right through each of my fingers

while hesitating whether to sip or stop

what was & is an abundance of

as if I had the power of the very top

my throat is quite parched

lips, you’re going to have to sweet talk the locks

from closing the pearly gates

forever on us like a stop clock watch

reflections of the current run usually hit

when the understanding prepares for the bubbles to pop

i cant hide it

like a sneeze

I feel IT before IT happens,

I see IT coming right for me

but there just isn’t any way to grab IT,

i snap my fingers & dag nabbit

to come to think I almost had IT,

going from slow motion then pressing play

to all of a sudden rushing through the grand rapids..

we don’t know the time of day

something crazy can take place,

there isn’t no insurance we can sign with

or protection that we can plan to pay,

when something is coming it’s coming

and we need to move with or get out-of-the-way,

usually throwing down/connecting with

all the others that thought the same…

so back in the cycle again

they say the 3rd time is really the charm,

im running with banged up legs

and swinging with bruising arms,

im not wanting to make a scene

but there isn’t subtlety in calling for an alarm,

so if you get me then you get me

and you can get to moving the fuck along….