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Something to hold for the moment

The clothes

don’t make the man

the man

makes the clothes,

from the highest him self

this woman was perfectly fitted

in a league

all of her own,

with a smile that gets me dizzy

and curves

like I’ve never

seen before,

how her body

contains it all

must be a God blessing

and it shows,

like a lace up corset

it hooks your eyes from the back

 lacing up the sides of your mind

oh how her light skin can hold,

such majestic

causing temptation

with the simple scent

of many a rose,

I’m smitten

and she’s bitten

on to the concept

that I’ve sold,

I product placed

then replaced

what I truly was

unworthy to hold,

she figures me out

undresses her self

and tells me that

my confession was bold,

soon after we embraced

 face to face

and from that point

she couldn’t let go,

her shape

I crave

so I then engrave

my soul into her mold,

she accepts

with blissful breathes

that I now

have to go…

shadow approaching

there’s no way

to get away

when the better part of the day

has gone ahead and been slayed

not by the means of the mean/but by the time and retreating sun rays

now all that remains

is a little corner with no shade

and although never wanting to be burned/ I’ve grown accustomed to what I’ve paved

and the memory of what once was/now quickly fades

so I stand where I stand/and for no reason/just…. wait….

You Break IT, You Buy IT.

not always

is the customer always right,

and if you think your checks and balances are worth the  receipt

well then you must be in dire need of a fight,

there’s some things that you

just can’t put a label on or price,

no algorithm theory

of the beauty in the spirit or what is appealing to the eyes,

can match the stains and debt you leave

when you crush, because you break, you buy!


What good are words spoken
If they won’t be listened to,
How can action be taken
If no one is willing too,
Is there such a thing as leadership
When following is all we do,
What are you trying to prove when your
Damned if you don’t & damned if you do

Crooked ti(me)

There isn’t too much
Time left,
Especially with so many people on the far right
Making such very wide lefts,
Technology makes it too easy
To get side tracked and lost in theft,
Downloading our morals away
Instantly and in hi-def,
Free sounds pretty good
When your starting off knee deep in high debt,
My iDevice keeps me constantly running
Making it so my stimulation sensors are getting absolutely no rest,
Important events are running off in the background
But instead of being out loud it’s set to silent,
Anything ignored for too long
Will grow angry and violent,
Wars forever on the tip of the tongue
With these elections it’s the perfect distraction,
So with so many miss directions
It’s easy to get tossed with the swept,
We can hope on the world to change
But I wouldn’t hold my breathe,
We don’t have too much time
So we know there isn’t much light left

yeah, um…

whats up with all the fuss

why is every one

soul sad?

im happy

with just my bottle

and a light burping pat on my back,

the big people

are being noisy

why are they all getting mad?

mammas always yelling

but im not to sure

who’s being bad,

I havent seen big brother

fatter of fact

where’s my dad?

the tv always has

happy families

in between all the ads,

is that whats happening here

are they going to commercial

 for just a tad?

while mama brings home

new different daddys every other weekend

like a celebrity changes fads,

I liked things

how it was

this definitely isn’t rad,


im learning as im going

from mammas clad wardrobe to being something that was “had”,

if only

i could think of something else

oh my (something shiny), look at that…

A case of the F*** Its

I wouldn’t call it being

down in the dumps

if anything

ive had me the best of luck

caught fishes with out a net or a hook

but still my heart is struck

in a place I don’t understand

so naturally my mind is stuck

in between the months theme

which has been “I don’t give a mother f***”

which conflicts with my faith

which is to love and be there for everyone

high on just my self

and the weight is feeling like a ton

I can crawl into a ball

or just completely ignore everyone

isolation recently

has been the most fun

no one to bother me

except for those who don’t notice my mourning beard just to use me for what they want

which doesn’t bother me

since they’ll go away once their done

 I have energy for others to feed off of

but I have nothing to lift my self up

maybe its been because I havent been to church in a while

and the lack of spiritual people around me has left my edges rough

maybe it’s because I’ve been in the trenches with whores

and I’ve forgotten how to love

what ever it is I’ve caught a case of the “f*** its”

resisting the urge to tatoo a middle finger on my forehead is getting really tough