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cant find a two way street

oh love

right now

you seem


so one way…

all intersections

are closed,

maybe they’ll

soon change…

my heart

is open

for such

but not,


either I’m

blind to

the touch,

or my soul,

can’t play…


for too long,


the mind


I don’t

want to lie,

but the hurt,

seems great…

I’m too

unworthy of,

to cause,

such pain…

my right


is so far off

whats left

is lame…

I double back

all the way

just to stay

in the same lane…


different results

now that’s


pull me out

from the seams

and punch out

the frame….

one thing

for sure,

we’re not,


Something to hold for the moment

The clothes

don’t make the man

the man

makes the clothes,

from the highest him self

this woman was perfectly fitted

in a league

all of her own,

with a smile that gets me dizzy

and curves

like I’ve never

seen before,

how her body

contains it all

must be a God blessing

and it shows,

like a lace up corset

it hooks your eyes from the back

 lacing up the sides of your mind

oh how her light skin can hold,

such majestic

causing temptation

with the simple scent

of many a rose,

I’m smitten

and she’s bitten

on to the concept

that I’ve sold,

I product placed

then replaced

what I truly was

unworthy to hold,

she figures me out

undresses her self

and tells me that

my confession was bold,

soon after we embraced

 face to face

and from that point

she couldn’t let go,

her shape

I crave

so I then engrave

my soul into her mold,

she accepts

with blissful breathes

that I now

have to go…