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opposites attract

I don’t

get it

I really don’t


how one

can make “love”

to someone who

doesn’t comprehend,


twist and turns


supply and demand,

two different

walks of life

one glorious beast

with two backs,

it’s of lust

so inside

im aware

that its bad,

but this a

new demon

that I’ve never

ever battled with,

I’ve never been

so deep

so lost

so intimate,

the soul

off to the side

waiting for me

to take a  stand,

to get up and leave

but this feeling

has control of me

it wrapped around the neck,

starting with kisses there

then down

to the


then the digging 

of her claws

leaving scratches

on my back,

me lifting

tossing her

rag doll esq

she wants fight she gives a slap,

only enticing me

do go even deeper

to make her

lose wind/gasp,

she likes it

she loves it

im told not to stop

because she’s about to climax,

my god

my temptress

oh my

how opposites attract

label me

a sinner

a hard-headed bastard since a beginner

someone who wont stop until he is crowned as the victor

always testing my luck yelling “winner-winner chicken dinner”

until I hit a wall and I start all over, way simpler

a thinker

a dreamer

a master plan schemer

when I cant do it on my own, I become a humble and loyal double team-er

and if can’t be done at all, I know not, what to think

my hopes are set too high, to ever be, limiting

a christian hypocrite, in the process of being, a better me

I don’t know what you want to call it, but go ahead, and label me