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Sweetest of fruits

A light switch
It was

A tickling

Beneath the skin.

What I want

Is right there.

But I can’t

Reach a thing.

I came close

I grazed it

It touched me

Like sin.


Yet still I

Want way more

Of it.

From The Ground Up


don’t rush to plant

or else it wont,

grow with love

the earth absorbs…

all of which

stems from it,

if now isn’t ripe

then when is it?

bright ideas

don’t just fall from lips,

it takes more than a sowers intention

& the seeds knowledge from within,

to develop any sort

of relationship…

shooting for a dollar

I shoot for a dollar

as I sit on a dream,

I extend my hand for change

but it appears as if I’m an unseen,

they know not what I’ve been through

I’ve seen plenty of things,

so I give my two cents

as I yell out loud with something obscene,

to passers-by who go out of their way

to not acknowledge me,

further encouraging my hatred for people

and continuous ranting,

If I speak I expect to be heard

but if you don’t want food for thought I can’t force you to eat,

give me a dollar for my sorrows

or cut to the chase and bring me something to drink…

Truth Leaving the Well


no matter how

beautifully intended,

will never

be anything other than

an after thought to the blindly bended,


is in a notation that

you didn’t bother to mention,

the attention

is now

on another unknowing of the threatening,


can not be bound

so tell me what is missing,

 the will

of something greater than you

will pull one over on you

all because you were arrogant and un accepting

waking up

i wake

i see

after i open up my eyes,

a world i’m a little unfamiliar  with

on how i landed here

and why,

what is the purpose

of the things that

dont create life,

evil is but and expression

on whats on the inside

wrapped in lies,

because there has to be

an ending

to what started and started right,

waking up

on the wrong side of the bed

should be corrected in how i fall asleep at night


how about you let go

and just listen to me,

believe what i say

and forget what your think,

you’ve learned from the past

for the future but presently,

its effecting what im trying

dont leave room for hesitating,

i want some fast results

no time for contemplating,

i feel plans being foiled

they better not be for me,

in the wilderness we live

even though the scenery is in the city,

i think we should stick to our own

you animals are making things messy and not so easy

“Whats worries you, masters you”


What worries you, masters you.
John Locke