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I’m fat because I love cake 


I’m not 

a man

Of obsessive 
That isn’t 
My aim
Nor does it
Any of 
My well wishes. 
The serpent 
And the dove
Get along Well
Without the kitten. 
But her 
Tiny brushes 
Of disregard 
Will instantly throw my 
Curiosity into submission. 
Forgive my stare
I don’t have iT 
In me
Like my daddy
Whose religious drinking
Was that of a fish…
Thirst costumes 
Desert playgrounds
While Trouble follows & lures
W/vicious Sirens….
Bells & whistles 
Aren’t for the deaf,
Glorious idols & images 
Also aren’t for those w/visions…
We see 
What we
Want to see.  
From the far glare
Of the sun
To the deep 
Abyss of the sea. 
What lives
In our hearts 
In our free speech. 
May The Lord
Forgive me
For the shit repeated
In my rambling….

Killing me softly 

 I never meant 

To hurt the princess
If anything 
I wanted to protect. 
How can you save 
Someone from your self 
Other than to subtract 
Yourself from said concept?
I’m far too selfish
For that,
In which this jagged pill
Is hard to swallow & accept. 
I reek my Havok in silence 
While fighting the wrongs 
Until there’re all correct. 
But it seems like
We’ve come a little too far
And thus
We’re at a disconnect. 
that I love you,
My disease or sorrow 
I never meant to infect…