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Jar of strawberries

She sits,
And only she knows
When she
Will be done.
iT is
What iT is
But that term of phrase
Never leaves her tongue.
Deeply ingrained
It’s only the flesh
That tends to go numb.
Frozen in the moment
With conviction
That weighs
A crazy ton…
The fruit
Is ripe
And the juice
Is sweet.
Probably fermented
By what
The truth
Tends to leave.
Most don’t forgive
But forget
Since they only follow
What they see.
Brief instances,
Split second decisions,
Moments that in hind sight
Leave us weak…
Weak, she is not
Moments of weakness
We all have.
Carrying only the lessons
That we’ve collected
Throughout the dance
Of the past.
Pain is only temporary
And thanks to technology
Oh how,
The memories last.
Sit (here my dear)
And be still
For in time
This too shall pass…
She sits.
And thinks.
Paddles me closer
And tells me
to drink.
into the soul
As I take
My first sip.
Soon as
It’s all gone.
I then,
Licked my lips.


How does one attack?

you do IT in plain sight…

truly your worst enemy

will be under your nose the whole time…

IT will surpass one of your weaknesses

hidden inside of one of your likes…

and before you realize IT


your done for the night…

ITs our responsiblity

but you can’t prevent

some elses


iLove caffeine/coffee

and a buzz

but Fuck IT moments

call for no want for protection…

 you think

you’re in control

but the devil knows

how to rock you in suspension..

let’s go with

the wind

lets not get caught up

in reflection…

we only live once

tonight is your night

let’s do this for all the other nights

we decided to play nice,

I wanna

be naughty

I don’t want to

think twice,

lets just


but IT will fuck you

like darkness in the night


a Rush is upon me

and I know not what to do

I have so much energy I can run

but I know not where to run to

im usually never like this

im usually on a slow cruise

some how my souls foot is on the gas pedal

& I just have to go vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooom…

a boom

a stamped

a ruckus

a noise,

is what

I want to make

then stand

in a glorious pose/poise,

if you ever

feel like I feel

please GET UP

and hear your inner voice,


that ITs GooD

but ultimately

its your choice