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Yield & Proceed with caution

We only see
What we wanna see.

And only pump breaks
When red lights are flashing.

Split second decisions
May result in tragic traffic.

So Manual efforts may be required
To jump start defensive driving tactics

The not so easy


Rough around
The edges
Makes being selfish
All the more tempting,
I love you’s losing
All of its meaning
“mm hmm’s” and “uh huh’s”
All the more cryptic,
Arguments that break out
Never settle down
If & when they do
Its Solely for your benefit,
What upsets me
Is that you use sex
As the medicine,
Which at the time
I have no room
Or no reason to go the other way
Like an arnold-Benedict,
I love to talk ish
You know words are my weapons
So in honestly
Why even trip?…
I do things
For the love
And say shit
For the humor,
I have so much Built up
It all pours out
I apologize
If it sounds rude to ya…
You say
I talk too much
And that you can’t
Stand me,
I want to be around
Who want to be
Around me,
When we get intimate
It’s the best
But that’s not a strong enough reason
To sacrifice us as a “we”,
We can’t expect
Something to grow
If we can’t even
Plant a pure seed,
And in the end
We both deserve
This is not what we need,
I don’t want to be
The bad guy
I’m forever hinting
For you To break up me,
So All the more
Do I say things
And never is it
to be Mean…
You either
Don’t get it
Or you just
Don’t want to let go,
Love is to be tender
And what we have
is getting harder
to hold,
I can use
All the soft words
But it’s just spoil
And turn into mold,
Keep calm
And carry on
The future has
Something better in store,
Now please

she waited

with the times like they are

not many are willing to travel very far

to accommodate for another

unless they’re directly benefiting from the war

that they themselves are not battling

so how can understanding even be sub par

but she wanted so she waited

now my heart for her is ajar

iWonder if that old saying is true

if the apple

doesn’t fall

that far

from the tree,

whats the


of the daughter

treating me,

the way

her mother

has treated other men

within a three hundred and sixty degree,

perimeter around her

I shouldnt judge

but I cant help

but wonder these,


since ive witnessed

facts I wasnt wanting to see,

im glad

that I did

that way

surprised wont be he,

who wonders

how could of this

have happened

I’ve had an ample chance of warnings,

on one side

im grateful of what she’s showing

but on the other hand

how long until my own rain begins pouring?