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Kerri me home

Carry me home
& Take me away…

What’s good
Is just that.
But all that isn’t
Leaves me to prey,

Some thing else
even If I don’t have
the energy for iT
the next day.

The heart still hurts
The scars still show,
& I really
Don’t wanna stay.

I guess I should
what I have to
An not let this
Keep me a slave.

Say goodbye
& wave
New day…

Butterfly feelings

What frightens me

Is that

I feel a danger looming

And it’s music to my ears.

I’ve been

in search of love

But it looks like

I’ve been really chasing tears..


To give emotion

Since I’m not too sure

If I can still feel…

I’m looking

For my killer

Bare ass,

Hoping it draws near….