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Oh Won’t You Be My Neighbor

I keep
my self busy
the holy lonely.
I try my best,
Not to
think of you…

The itch
scratches at me
Like it’s my
one & only.
So like
an old habit,
I reach
for you…

The past visits
baring gifts.
Giving me
the feels,
Like I got
nothing better to do….

I sit and I stare
As I
adore you
At work,
You never
Look back.
Making me worry
what I mean
To you…

I look into
The mirror
Reflecting my
a bit deeper,
And no one
can prove
That they’re not true…

So like
A good
Who stitches
& concepts together,
i can’t picture
Any sweater
That’ll fit me
Much better
Than you….

Butterfly feelings

What frightens me

Is that

I feel a danger looming

And it’s music to my ears.

I’ve been

in search of love

But it looks like

I’ve been really chasing tears..


To give emotion

Since I’m not too sure

If I can still feel…

I’m looking

For my killer

Bare ass,

Hoping it draws near….

Reality Bites

She was ready for love.

Every night she prayed
& she cried for it….

He wasn’t,
she found out the hard way,

So he suffered
for it….

Excuse Me, Pardon Me

I must admit


has never been

my strongest suite,

and because of that

ill never quit

what drives me is

the hot pursuit,

of something that

is in my way

I could give less than two squirts of a shhh

If I want then I’ll want and then I’ll show and I’ll prove,

to be the victor

seeing the bigger picture

a friend I am not

of any obstacle,

maybe going

a little bit beyond

what was necessary

but I can’t help it im either nothing or extraordinary

when I’m next to the impossible,

…(split second pause for breathe)…


at full charge

can I get an Amen

or at least a #Woo

We Go Together

We go together

so please, let’s get together,

I have the sturdy wings

and your strong with the lovely feathers,

that adds the beauty to the beast

which adds panache when ever there is shitty weather,

that sticks on tight

like when ever there’s heat & water added to  lambskin leather,

and your no push over neither

you can bust balls as if they were tethered,

I think that’s why I like you

even though you say having a man is “just whatever”,

but I think

you need someone to hold on to tight,

you have your “lil man”

but a MAN is needed to keep THAT lid on tight,

someone to be true

and not give bullshit reasons for starting up a fight,

you need someone to give you that secure feeling

when your up and its late at night,

to be able to be in your presence

is a privilege not a right,

I know this, this is why

I say we go together, and I’m pretty confident I can do you right 

thrown away to the side

ive been so stuck

on moving forward

I havent even looked

to the sides,


was out of mind

since I wasnt able to read

between the lines,

so comfortable

in my surroundings

I didn’t notice

the warning signs,

so now like

a collapsing mine

darkness falls

on to the blind,

leaving me

in total shock

yet not really

any surprise,

all I can do

is get off my ass

after my prayer

to the divine,

and ask

for grace

to bless me again

yet one more time,

im in the battlefield

of the unemployed

but still I chill

& wait on opportunity

to shine,

so even though

ive been thrown

to the side

the good lord

will get me UP

and on my grind.