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In Search Of



*i use to


with out a reason

or a clue,

*now i search

just because

its something

to do.

-As if i had

a moment

to my self

to think & breathe,

-i seek

to feed,

the notion

of need,


there is none

stuck in between,

a “Do Nothing Bitch”

& the one who enables the greed..


no one to talk


as selfish as SIN,

*with the willingness

to fix

but none such eagerness

to begin.

-i cant

make decisions

for others..

*I’m hardly content

with the decisions

I’ve made for my self…

-i just pray

for love

to bless

every lover..

*and hope

they’re not only

concerned about the eyes watching

which is only for themselves…


she doesn’t care

she just wants to break free,

no longer looking at her self

crying constantly comparing,

to others-her want

is never fleeting,

there are far too many options & things

for someone to be,

the essence of your self

isn’t quite as unique as you thought it to be,

looking for love in this club

that others simply go for mating,

being out and about at 2am

isn’t going to find you that love your forever seeking,

being of this world

is similar to a cat stuck in a tree,

may the servants of your God

hurry up and beam thee,




farther than the eye can see,

keep your arms wide open

and never cease from praying.


How iT appears


may appear closer

when held up

against the glass,

visions a bit


when your inside

is full of wrath,

others will measure

what you amount to

when hunting down

like fast math,

no matter what the signs say

the horizon is never too far away

because this too shall pass

and the rain storm, no matter how hard, never does last

behind our backs (memories prank)

there are things

that I want

to say

but I can’t,

my tongue

has cuts on it

and its pain

makes me draw a blank,

I’m having

flashbacks as if

history is

trying to play a prank,

the sight of you


so the thought of you

I truly thank

Doesnt Take Much

it doesn’t

take much

to uplift

or ruin a day,

a simple hello

a courtesy smile

a head nod

a quick wave,

can give a blessed

 pick me up

to those who desperately need

a pick me up today,

after all don’t they say

that an apple a day

keeps the doctor away

how much more if we smile like we should pray,

so instead of

staying poopy faced

 the day can be what ever we want and decide

we have the power to MAKE,

so, hello my dear’s

before we have

an awesome week

let us have a great day,

have you


to smile


Another Start

in the desert

there is no water,

trails cover up and confuse

way more than they allow the ability to follow…

if the sights

remain the same,

we should probably

view them a different way…

looking back

can only damn,

the future that doesn’t

go so according to plan…

I’m up against so many

different versions of my self,

some with eyes closed

others seeing only with emotions left undelt…


or on top of,

only cramming more

of the unknown and the un thought of…

let this be

another new beginning,

another new start

with our eyes on the prize of winning…

let not hesitation

poor fatigue or lack want,

detour us from our journey

and mission to carry out our arch,

destiny is our undergarments

miss calculated turns our skid marks,

shake away what doesn’t work

and let’s make a fresh start…