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2nd Shift

They Tickle.

While the theory of relativity

Deeper & deeper
Into this place
That converts
passions of fire
a millions of tiny

I am,
But it’s
just a little.

Hardly ever
With the simple.

Yet here I am
Tied up
With so many strings attached
I can’t find my way off
of this never ending thimble…

Once I do
And I’m unstuck from the glue

I hide & I seek,

For the magnets
That grab my attention

And often keep,

Me in this realm
I consider
Very bitter
& very sweet,

Because when we meet
It’s very brief
& when you leave
It kinda stings.

I’m not
Too sure

But your touch
In seriousness

I swear when we
lock hands
It’s for at least
a couple seconds,

And I’m not too sure
Who’s not letting go
For the moment though

No worries
Just curiosity
On whether
If it my pulse
That’s trembling.

I’d be lying
If I said
Stealing a kiss
Wasn’t tempting.

It’s a constant fight
The beast
& the gentlemen.

Oh how
The simplest
Of things
Get me double guessing.

The next Move



I have iT

in my hands,

I want to do

something with it

but im scared

so I stand,

not too sure

on my next move

damn the feeling of feeling damned,

she fell right

into my palm

but to bother her

I can’t,

I fidget

feeling rigid

 I AM a Richard

I’m the man,

the king in me

is humbled

and I bow

as if on holy land,

that doesn’t mean

I don’t attempt

but every kick

is caught by another hand,

that assures me

somethings going to happen

but it’s not

what I have planned,

so all the more

does it make me mad

and all the more

do I demand,

for more

oh this whore

has me heated

and then a fan,

hovers over and cools me off

I’m put off

and forget

why I heavily pant,

once I sit

all the way down

I can now

figure out my next dance

soon as i opened up the door

I don’t know much

but that in which i do

usually stems

from the things that you do

the things that you show

and the results that seem to prove

your but a temptation made to mess with my head

so that my heart doesn’t push my soul through

your all that I’ve known

all that I’ve loved

although I’ve encountered others

they were just momentary fun

we’ve made it through the test of time

we’ve had a pretty good run

but I’ve gotten to the point

were I’m way past done

but then some how

you grab me wanting more

and i go from the top of the skies

to the board of the floor

were I cant move at all

because your holding me right where I was torn

opening my eyes

soon as I opened up the door

Still not use to it


Who am I to be
Somebody that you
Can fall in love with,

I don’t fancy
My self anything
Let alone what’s on the surface,

My thoughts
Often they jump
To many things to keep up & hold with

No matter how
It looks right now
All evil stems from the first of serpents,

not to sure
And how to word it
But It’s still gnarly to believe

Loves available for
From the far reaches of the sea,

Right here
And right now
How lucky is this person/me,

Usually anything
Worth really having
Has been really far from me

The devil
Has made this loyal servant
Something to sink into and teeth,

Barely fueling
Off the ruling
I’m hot on fire for a need

That isn’t any inch
Of righteous
but right now I can’t see,

Anything At all
Because my awe
Has only left a mighty ring

Around my heart
Souring all interaction with any person
Place or thing ,

Ladies please
Contain your selves

I’m still not use to it
Being this Mack pimp dweeb

Hold Please


Times waits
For no man
Just how man can’t wait
For the perfect time,
Things happen
Way too fast
And we have not the luxury
To press rewind…
We can do
All that we want
But we cant control
The higher power or the Devine,
All we can do
Is take hold
And pray to god
That We don’t fall off this time…
We’re giving handle bars
To grasp on to
Or the the intelligence
To think o something on the fly,
There’s nothing to fear
But fear it self
And for the most part
That shits all up in our mind…
I’m calling
Busy signals
Patience is telling me
To please hold on the line,
I’m saying
Please no
I don’t
Have the time…
This ship is leaving
With or without you
Go down like the captain
or get left behind,
It’ll be a funny thing
If the hold is brief
And history’s repeat
Makes a sudden turn this time…