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To follow the leader

Is the cloud
High up
Is the view,

It’s hard
To see wrongs
When our ways
Are the truth,

Only to be
By the adrenaline
Ignorance fuels,

Is this generation
The blind
Lead by fools…

A hop skip and a jump

what makes

a day a holiday?

why does

the weekend taste so sweet?

why is our toil

and all else vanity?

how do clouds

sweep you off of your feet?

why does stress

seep into every crevice?

with only those same clouds that swept

 to comfort and offer relief?

in a world

turned against each other,

favorite past times and activities

calm down with understanding, if your todays date friendly,

I hope not

fret not

smiles are just

as hop skip and a jump away,

for those

that don’t indulge

forgive the retardedness

you may (red) eye-witness today