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To follow the leader

Is the cloud
High up
Is the view,

It’s hard
To see wrongs
When our ways
Are the truth,

Only to be
By the adrenaline
Ignorance fuels,

Is this generation
The blind
Lead by fools…

A hop skip and a jump

what makes

a day a holiday?

why does

the weekend taste so sweet?

why is our toil

and all else vanity?

how do clouds

sweep you off of your feet?

why does stress

seep into every crevice?

with only those same clouds that swept

 to comfort and offer relief?

in a world

turned against each other,

favorite past times and activities

calm down with understanding, if your todays date friendly,

I hope not

fret not

smiles are just

as hop skip and a jump away,

for those

that don’t indulge

forgive the retardedness

you may (red) eye-witness today

I Feel A lil’Freddie

with the simplest touch

im on stage

feeling the rush

blood flowing

to my head

then the body’s going numb

which is nothing much

then a  sign

that im

on my way going up

and there’s nothing that

anything else can give, to make anything else enough

to be equal to because no equivalence

can never ever match up

to an amazing grace

that can only come from up above

that good that pure

that holy stuff

low tide

something tells me

don’t do it

I cant help it

I say screw it,

throwing my hands

out in the air

seems like a starting point

move it or lose it,

at first I

just dip my feet,

then I get

my self into too deep,

to fast to soon

jumped the broom,

now i’m not too sure

if im awake or asleep,

what right now seems like

is a dream world,

in the fetal position

in a ball curled,

I cant really tell

im not sure,

if im out in the fields

get’em soldier,

now in the

front lines standing,

my curiosity

all the more expanding,

I can play pretend

telling you everything is dandy,

but my blood flows and hormones

have me thinking randy,

which makes it

partly reason I smile wide,

you can tell what im thinking

without asking why,

I have firm belief

why blow my high,

turns out I was just asleep

and what woke me was the low ride