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Magnet ends

I don’t want to be bothered.
And Sometimes
Thats all that I want.

I’m playing hide & go seek
With my feelings,
I can’t hide from the taunt.

All by self
Feels natural.
Mixed with company
Feels odd.

Loneliness builds up
My monster of sadness,
The persistence of others
Keeps me in awe.

I push you away
With half strength
So you can,
leave me alone.

In hopes
That you
push against the grain,
Just so you
Can stay close.

Not to sure
where the edge of the cliff is,
I’m just thankful
Going over
I don’t.

Playing roulette
With my chances,
Is the closest control
I can hold.

awkward movement

I think

its hilarious

and interesting

just how

the world



more arrogant

than the

elephant in the room

but my blunt

slowly burns,

like the opposite

of an anorexic


who fattened up/didn’t throw up

and little by little

developed curves,

and that


shows up

at the wrong time


‘what balls”

‘what nerve”,

I needed strength

on that date

she needed swav

I gave her a

half assed nerd,


with my self

a bitter creamy taste

self expired

and soft served,

oh well

I guess

I’ll go on

about my business

doing  the robot

as I

make my moves

 hitting these corners & curves,


to one day

I bump into  my fellow/matching

weird ass

dance around

to break the ice

type  of girl


im honestly a little scared

at all the signs that I see,

crazy people spoke of them before

and now they are here in Real-life open & ready to bleed,

but most don’t want to notice wounds

because they themselves don’t need,

any another hurt in front of them

they have their own personal seeds,

that have sown into danger

that have sown into some sort of theme,

of selfishness most don’t wanna admit

ITs time

hide your ME

Inner City Blues

Once he puts his head phones on

there isn’t a care in the world

the outside screams are drowned out

with the heavy bass that has him swirled

in titillating vibrations

a healing for the soul with continuous melodies

a 4 minute track

that is but a  tiny sample of sourly sweet serenity

it’s when the record stops

where agony repeats to begin

realities of where he is

finally start to set in

it’s the real world/real moments

where not every thing looks & sounds right

not every one comes in peace

and most confrontations turn into fights

so in the middle of the night

while you lay in your comfortable “boring” silence 

understand that there are people out there

surrounded in a fortresses of ongoing screams & violence