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getting around


is one feeling

I don’t intend

on passing on,

but I can’t help

the role I play

if I’m not

floating on a cloud,

I carry heavy weight


that wont

allow me to carry on,

my god took them away

but I picked them back up

as soon as I felt



can handle this

this is only

but a kiss,

if cupid



may she miss,

I don’t know

if I’m ready

to just

up and quit,

I just


the power of my words

oh how passion stems from the lips,

my dear if you

lay lifeless

understand its just shock

in time you’ll get over this

I see More than a Twinkle

Fairy tales


all that she wants

its right there,

in her dreams

up in the air,

all she can do

is just stare,



her energy

that slight scare,

that down here

is not up there,

figuring that in due time

it will all fare well,

but until then


right now is far to far

& there’s contemplation on withering away or dare to care…

it takes much to look up

knowing that, I’m stuck down here,

that twinkling from my obstacles & moon light

provides just, enough glare,

that shines on my bruises

& strengths that most often tear,

oh how just a kiss

will cure the heaviest of moments I don’t want to share

shoo away


but here

any place

will do,

slap me

gift wrap me

up-stream/down the river

just say shoo,

im waiting

for it

I’ve been expecting it

I see it in the queue,


to wait

is what has me

all bent up and confused,


for the best


what I’m so use to,

my eye lids

grow heavy

tears have no room

for “its too soon”,

these walls

are empty

their plain

making it all the more blue,

the scenery

is bland

my “once” moments are what use to be “had”

and that part is true,

if we don’t

learn from the past

what else

can the future prove,

if sadness

is all that re-occurs

give me

something new,

if you love

the way I lie

then my dear

it seems like you have something to prove,

what ever you’re trying

to change

is not for you

to change into,

it’s strategically


for you’s and yours

to consume,

in jest


and somehow from that

device/avoid your doom,

we’ve made

our mess

so now here’s

the broom,

I rather you

not say a thing

or if you do

carefully choose,

what words

you’ll win with


is  a matter of win or lose,

take me home

anywhere away from here

or please with the up most respect


hurry up


i don’t want to sound crazy

i fear that IT does,

but we need to push the gas

and hurry the FAITH up,

what we put up with

we end up with

& it’s already

hard enough,

trying to decode what you’re saying

while figuring out the signs

that are building up your bluff,

 this year is coming to an end

and we’ve already made amends

i didn’t like playing pretend

i want you to roll with, hurry up

because im going UP

like whoa

my love is like woe

in which what keeps me up

also brings me down,

guilty thoughts of not being faithful

100 & 10%

all the way down & around..



oh/woe my love how I miss you

so much

its brings me tears,

the ones ive been holding back

is pouring out for all of the years,

that have come in & out between us

like total utter strangers,

taking us to places

that we know only equals danger,

but love drunkenness

here we go,

not knowing how to run

or how to take it slow,

you gotta be all in

and just go for broke,

to much of not enough

has me sighing

like whoa…..