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Question not the canvas but the paint



stems from a root.

That grows

With strength

knowing exactly

what to do.

Mixed with
Drag the summers
Into a loop.

Being a slave
To the cold
hail & rain.
Can’t wait,
To break through.

The cycles
Don’t change
Just the view
Of the range ,

Where the seed plants
And leans towards,
Always shows
iT’s intent,
& iT’s plead
For the truth.

Where iT starts
And where iT goes
Shouldn’t mean a thing,

Just make sure
What you water & feed
(With love)

Scar tissue

The symbols
That cage
Are the fruit
That fuel with rage,
You’d hope That in time
This too Shall pass
But old habits Die hard
Like reoccurring trends
And turn of phrase.

It Never Ends, its the

its seems like

the streams of wonder like

to open up

at random,

some chances only come

so often

if you don’t take it

you may be subject to a tantrum,

that can possibly be

the apostrophe

 on top of the cherry

that amplifies the anthem,

that we keep inside

bottled up

but buyer beware

the effects you may not like or fathom,

there is such

an ugliness

hidden underneath

the narcissists handsome,

cool calm collect

underneath is a sluggish beast

who doesn’t bother to be in stealth

when he has strikes of anti phantom,

who wants to be out loud

and fling every

piece of shit

that he can sink his hands in all is ammo,

two is not enough

upping the anti

is a minimum requirement,

using every play in the book

hail mary

full of grace

one must be the example,

to not step in my crosshairs

or even splitting hairs

because when the beast consumes

it devours

Habit is a cable; we weave a thread of it each day, and at last we cannot break it.

tea spoons make for needs soon

I can’t give you what you need

if that isn’t what you want,

so instead of feeding you compliments

I have to you starve you with some taunts,

figure if I push you to the left

you’ll want to go to right with your thoughts,

so instead of sketching out a straight line

I’ll just draw you in with a couple of dots,

leaving the proper amount of bread crumbs

to hopefully bring you back to the top,

of the hill where Jack and Jill

once  climbed only making their problems seem like a mountain,

just to fetch a pail of some fresh water

from this mythical magical  fountain,

that appeared to be the cure-all to cure-all

but by their unbelief they had fallen,

too much of what they needed

was at the disposal of what they never wanted…