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On the fence

in this modern-day

of technology

recognition can be,


 as loud as a tag

as discrete as someone

speaking metaphorically..


to be of courage

and a spiritual lover

apparently now

is so outdated,

we can’t stand for the unknown

we want only right now

and we will make a fit

as if we never have waited…


things are so instant

entitlements are self approved,

a kinky text at midnight

is considered todays candle light dinner for two…


there’s so many things

that people get a way with,

does love not deserve to be faithful

or is okay for understandings to be played with?



I’m hanging out

on the side of the  fence,

I’ve been hurt before

and I’ve guarded my heart

every chance that I get…


Am I denying my self-love?

I don’t know, its possible…

But I’d rather have a gun pulled out in front of my eyes

then be shot with a blind fold…

That fast


Don’t you
F’ing move.
I tried playing nicely
all iT did Was prove,

That chances,
Like interceptions,
Aren’t given
Their taken.
Thus I myself
Have no time
For examples
Or wasting.

Lay away
With words
Like you
Cover up with paint,
Staring down
The barrel
Makes you think.

Turns one
Could of made
Is gone
Within a blink,
Needed to be said
Never had the chance
Because I couldn’t speak.

Decisions made
That fast
Have nothing
Left To grasp,
Then a momentary
Of hands
When they clasp,

Up to
One an other
Please Make
IT/this touch last,
The current has
Another agenda
Because IT is
Now past.