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Good For Your Health

As I make it

to the third point

of the termination


only anger

towards my enemy


and I know better,

why should I

reflect on what I can’t


I am no beggar,

but then the need

to push and showcase the truth

mixes my feelings

like a blender,

so this

will be

the end

of a rant,

and now

the only thing

that you will read

is my early morning chant,

which will be

on something positive

because I

don’t believe in “I can’t”,

so with

the graces

of he who shall not be named

clear me of my damned, in fact

since my leaving


has done nothing but

fall in my lap,

as soon as I leave

my back up plan

there’s always something to do

like reconnecting with those I lost contact with in the past,


instead of

dragging ass

my days are moving fast,


don’t come so soon

lets enjoy the moment

and really make it last,

I’m taking

big steps


no longer used for stealth,

lost unwanted


like fat around the body

I’m glad to use a belt,

In this

Arizona heat

cold-blooded hearts

easily burn or melt,

so I’ve decided

to be happy

because its

good for my health

A little birdie told me

news sure does

travel fast

especially when its juicy

even more when its something slightly tilted/exaggerated & bad,

“did you hear about what so and so did?”

“oh yeah, I heard she was mad”,

a lie is more appealing to the heart of the  eye

so of course embellishment is going to enrich it just a tad,

like a snowball effect down a mountain

it gets even bigger every go around like a reoccurring fad,

so once the news hits them over the head

how can one keep self-contained and not get a little mad?

 “word on the tweet is you had a crazy weekend”

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to all my exes still stuck on my sweetness

If you can take a Richard then you can take a joke, my dear quit being such a pessimistic fag 

sometimes i feel like… somebodys watching me…

On the run

from a love

who just

didn’t love enough,

held against

a sliding scale

with competition

that just doesn’t add or equal up,

yet somehow

still not the winner

am I too late

or is this some sort of cover up,

can obsession

be enough

to outweigh

whats for certain to double up?

I’d hate

to sound bitter


but what the fuck?

did the mystery

reveal too much

that you’d

rather not even touch,

don’t let

the reputation

ruin what you’ve perceived

because that in it self is very tough,

not many

can partially understand

let alone

even keep up,

others from the past

didn’t/don’t have a spec of your spunk


didn’t make the cut,

you flatter me

way beyond end

so im sure that couldn’t be why

yet still, I’m very stuck,

did the bitches

of girlfriends past

figure out

what I thought I subtlety snuck,

out by whispering

sweet nothings

 in the open

social network hoes aren’t as dumb as I thunk,

all that I do

is a foot print

and I do want you

to gather them clues and add ’em up,

I can be making

references to all

or I can be

pointing to only one…

Here’s looking at you kid


Whats the 411

whats the gossip?!

the word down the cubicle

is always THE hot topic,

there’s some things you don’t need or want to know

but you can’t help it, you can’t stop it,

the hens will be a’cluck’in

and the babbling brooks will be on top of it,

the only problem is

how far is too far and when will they quit,

the closest of friends play around

(only) accidentally revealing secrets,

much like a wild-fire

IT will spread once it catches wind,

 no body wants to admit fault

either from shame or embarrassment, blame the participants,

spoon-feeding the upper aboves on whats going on

since their all sucking on the tit,

throwing out your name

to get them selves out of their own shit,

from Betty to Bobby

their all wearing  the same shade of lip stick,

specifically made for sucking d***

that old vintage/classic shade of bitch,

maybe its cover girl

maybe its maybelline or plain ol’ snitch,

so much behind the back talking

oh how it has evolved form accidental to “for profit”,

and its all done

with the most convincingly



false accusations

God who is almighty

forgives us of our sins,

especially if he knows

that we’ve truly repented for it..

unfortunately others

can give a fuck


they judge,

without authority especially

if their blood

they’ll be the 1st & foremost

to throw you under the bus,

which normally

i dont mind

i deflect

and use it as a rush,

to try to crush

their spirit

but i cant do that

to those that i love..

now, i have been known

to think & act like a dude

which can at times be a dog

but i have a different attitude,

certain ethics

are involved

like things to do

and not to do,

i have respect for women

and only treat them

as they themselves

reflect and give attention to,

age being a barrier

ive never have crossed

and am brokenhearted

when accused to..

how can one assume

that when i speak to a woman

im automatically engaged,

to try to satisfy my flesh

which ive often ventured

in successful ways,

isn’t a hoe a hoe

and doesn’t a bartender

always check ID for age,

he said she said

of observation

doesn’t know shit/& can speak of it for days..

if there is actually

reason for concern

shouldnt it be handled

in a serious way,

to take that somebody

to the side

pride & poke

accusations the proper way,

instead of relying

on humility

at the expense of character

in front of company,

has a bitch no mercy

or could it be

she can give a fuck

about me?

i use humor

as my defense

understand, im one

to take a joke,

but when you defile

ones namesake

your now puffing/blowing

dangerous smoke,

not only going

off on the line

but taking jabs

going for broke,

one should always take

witnesses into account

but also understand previous impressions

 speak louder than what they’re seeing on their own..

so then

what is there to do

when every one

has pointed finger,

should i take the hit

with the smile

laugh it off

or let it linger,



take over

and im left a voiceless singer,

trying to find the words

but the reality

of the moment

left me in an odd demeanor..

im guilty

due to reputation

of a man

who has a strong love for women,

assuming i have no heart



and that there’s no limit,

to where accusations

can run wild

set up plates

and stay for dinner,

my image is shit on

your furious

because you think your right

so no one is a winner..

if only you knew

the things

in which

we spoke,

the seriousness

of ones hurt

that one wished

not to disclose,

to every body which i almost

wanted to use

as my reason

for being so close,

but you’re not worthy

of such detail

even though

i defended my self with other words/that didn’t expose,

every thing

to every one

just the fact

that i was hurt,

which saddens

me even more

for the simple fact

that you don’t care,

hate is an ugly thing

and unfortunately

you wear like a fur does a bear,

not noticing

that it’s on you

it is you

but your kindness to others blurs the lines unaware,

Yeshua once said

to love your enemies

i only consider you one

by the way you often treated me,

words may not

mean much to you

but inside (your soft heart)

i know that they do,

so when you go out of your away

to be upstanding in Yahweh’s observation

 i pray you don’t get knocked down

by ones ignorant false accusations