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Shadows of Thought

When darkness spread
Light then squishes
Ripping off The wings
of an angel for a wish

The Chase






angels and demons

in the flesh

at the wrong time, perfect setting,


into the soul

wisdom of fear

so one is never forgetting,

how close

the far away

from believable

has got you sweating,



all signs

point to YES,

trying your hardest

to lawyer the mind

on what and why

somethings burning right through your chest,

the soul

wont let it go

the wicked never get

any rest,

dragged up and down all around

the long hour days

hiding from

our own mess,

of  the torture

and the chase

iT is

but a test

You Cant Stop My SHiNE

they say GOD is Love

and Hating is Satan

that must be the reason

why ive seen IT alot lately,

everytime i do something

there you are so equick to give some negative talk

how about you give me an encourging smile

and i dont mean when your trying to mock

im trying hard to stand tall

and put some extra pep into my walk

how about some and you can come skip with me

instead of trying to take me to places in my mind that are dark,

if that is where you ARE

then this is where i’ll BE

dont for a second think i dont understand

be gone devil “dueces” “peace”

even though the things you say sound plausible

the good word said youd try to trick me

fuck your candy pedo-bear

if i leave i know youll follow me

hold on tight

because im going way higher

commercials dont mean a damn thing to me

the world is a manipulating liar

im going to walk this tight rope

without a wire over the fire

Yahweh said i might trip but it wouldnt burn as long as i remain a ryder!