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Open Letter: the first step

Decisions shouldn’t take
forever and a day
to make.

for that of which
Has a clear expiration date.

It’s either you do
Or you don’t.

There’s no thin line
Between love and hate.

If one gives you
all of their heart
How long
do you expect them to wait?

With wide open arms,
Clear conscious
a smiling face.

Half the battle
is not knowing
If the heavy yoke
Is worth the weight.

That takes
& drags you
down a road
That you wouldn’t
normally take.

Kindness for weakness
Making a fatal mistake.

A show & pony facade
Done only to lighten up
The plate.

That’s over saturated
In non nutritious fat
Like food served at a Buffett.

Taking in only what you see
As if the truth
Was up for display.

Life takes a bit
To settle in
And you can’t really force fait.

But do what you
Need to do
Just know that it’s getting late.

Shit or get off the pot
Before you lose
Feeling In your legs.

Something to hold for the moment

The clothes

don’t make the man

the man

makes the clothes,

from the highest him self

this woman was perfectly fitted

in a league

all of her own,

with a smile that gets me dizzy

and curves

like I’ve never

seen before,

how her body

contains it all

must be a God blessing

and it shows,

like a lace up corset

it hooks your eyes from the back

 lacing up the sides of your mind

oh how her light skin can hold,

such majestic

causing temptation

with the simple scent

of many a rose,

I’m smitten

and she’s bitten

on to the concept

that I’ve sold,

I product placed

then replaced

what I truly was

unworthy to hold,

she figures me out

undresses her self

and tells me that

my confession was bold,

soon after we embraced

 face to face

and from that point

she couldn’t let go,

her shape

I crave

so I then engrave

my soul into her mold,

she accepts

with blissful breathes

that I now

have to go…

shadow approaching

there’s no way

to get away

when the better part of the day

has gone ahead and been slayed

not by the means of the mean/but by the time and retreating sun rays

now all that remains

is a little corner with no shade

and although never wanting to be burned/ I’ve grown accustomed to what I’ve paved

and the memory of what once was/now quickly fades

so I stand where I stand/and for no reason/just…. wait….

Excuse Me, Pardon Me

I must admit


has never been

my strongest suite,

and because of that

ill never quit

what drives me is

the hot pursuit,

of something that

is in my way

I could give less than two squirts of a shhh

If I want then I’ll want and then I’ll show and I’ll prove,

to be the victor

seeing the bigger picture

a friend I am not

of any obstacle,

maybe going

a little bit beyond

what was necessary

but I can’t help it im either nothing or extraordinary

when I’m next to the impossible,

…(split second pause for breathe)…


at full charge

can I get an Amen

or at least a #Woo

yeah, um…

whats up with all the fuss

why is every one

soul sad?

im happy

with just my bottle

and a light burping pat on my back,

the big people

are being noisy

why are they all getting mad?

mammas always yelling

but im not to sure

who’s being bad,

I havent seen big brother

fatter of fact

where’s my dad?

the tv always has

happy families

in between all the ads,

is that whats happening here

are they going to commercial

 for just a tad?

while mama brings home

new different daddys every other weekend

like a celebrity changes fads,

I liked things

how it was

this definitely isn’t rad,


im learning as im going

from mammas clad wardrobe to being something that was “had”,

if only

i could think of something else

oh my (something shiny), look at that…

Dont Leave

on & off fights

like day & night

at firsts its okay

it seems alright

but then like a semi

making a real tight right

into traffic

squishing everything in sight




i think to my self “oh no

how could this

be the straw

that breaks the camels dick”

burning every single

carefully built bridge

as if part of the architects

original blue print

now im wondering

now im scheming

trying to figure out

how to contain our demons

im even considering

some sort of dealing

which especially odd

since im very anti terrorist reasoning

then bam

like a magical switch

here i go again

regretting every single thing ive said

now i know my actions

weren’t too legitement

we had a little fight

so i just got a little head

dont leave


what do you think,

makes yo do what you do?

do you notice patterns in things,

where they turn how they bloom?

whats in all that is left,

is there any wiggle room?

or is it set in stone,

are likes what their suppose to?

does it sound like a noise,

does it stand on its toes?

are split seconds for sure,

are you satisfied with a “i suppose”?

how are the acoustics,

does it surround like Bose?

are you making the decisions,

or is it some one else who chose?