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A stroll with the one that you love

You end up with

what you put up with,

why wouldn’t you be happy

if your other fits like a mitt,

probably even more so

if they’re small enough to fit inside of your pocket?

what we enjoy and embrace

should never be scary to admit,

we should show them off like the sun

and not try to conceal it like a zit,

out loud and proud


I think I’m the good guy

looking for the culprit,

or I can be the bad guy

with a niche looking to knit,

all preconceived notions

that I keep deep inside chambers that remain unlit,

I want to say so much

but my half-wit mind wont permit my lips,

I look at the image above

and just think are these just Classic Misfits?

or with all the recent cannibalism

finally hitting the zombie apocalypse,

either way its crazy

and I don’t think its a skit…

Do The Trick

There’s so much that I try to process
That doesn’t totally click,
However the mind can’t grasp
If the heart for it doesn’t stick,
I want to fill:be the void
But I slip right through it like jive talk onto something slick,
Wanting to get to the center of the tootsie pop
Never took so many licks,
Never in my life have I gotten what I wanted
After not having to throw any fits,
I don’t mean to complain
It’s just mind boggling/it’s a trip,
God is certainly good
I’m just the one being a bitch,
For not looking for a permanent solution
And just Settling for a quick fix,
I’ve known for a while now
What doesn’t settle doesn’t mix,
“My heart isn’t running right
It just needs a little kick,

Will you
Do the trick?”

soon as i opened up the door

I don’t know much

but that in which i do

usually stems

from the things that you do

the things that you show

and the results that seem to prove

your but a temptation made to mess with my head

so that my heart doesn’t push my soul through

your all that I’ve known

all that I’ve loved

although I’ve encountered others

they were just momentary fun

we’ve made it through the test of time

we’ve had a pretty good run

but I’ve gotten to the point

were I’m way past done

but then some how

you grab me wanting more

and i go from the top of the skies

to the board of the floor

were I cant move at all

because your holding me right where I was torn

opening my eyes

soon as I opened up the door

how long


She waits
But for how long,
One can’t miss their ride
Because somebody else is on pause,

Stay strong
She might tell her self with contempt,
Because her friends certainly
Don’t want her to hold her breathe,

One can only receive
What their being given,
You can give to receive
But you can only plant seeds
Not force others to be driven,

We want what we want
And wants are very strong,
In time all things will come to be
But the only question thought, is, how long?

My ride to die chick

‘Pac said it best:

“All I need

in this life of sin,

is me and my girlfriend…

Down to ride

to the bloody end,

just me and my girlfriend”…

there’s no time

to ask  questions,

why bother or corrupt your self

with selfish hesitation

the world is revolving fast

we have to make split second decisions,

the word says to honor thy man

so my baby salutes and stands at attention,

getting our message across

by any means necessary on occasion,

which suits my militant style

and I wouldn’t ever change it,

shoot first ask questions last

my lady is amazing

No Time For Games

time is of the essence

and there’s no time like the present

the Lord allows for misery, so he can bestow his blessings

strength comes out from our hunger, so we don’t buckle down under that which is tempting

love knows no bound

so lets not bull shit her if we don’t plan on being a loyal tenant

no matter how good the reason

all excuses are plain out irrelevant

if you don’t want to break

then don’t even bend a little bit

She is

She is


that’s an




she could be

a figment of my imagination,

but that

can’t be true

ive heard a distinctive voice

and the mist of her presence I have surely tasted,


that is forever

burned onto my tongue

that has me forever and ever chasing,

her shadow

can’t even keep up

it does no justice

to her body’s tracing,

she dares not

wear any brands

because there is no room

for any sort of product placement,

 her actions

and my beliefs

are perfectly


her body

is GOD’s temple

and i want to be in iT

for ever glorifying & praising,

she is


that is

an understatement