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Reach for the stars

Give it up

Give it up

Right now…

Put your hands up


With your guard on the ground…

No one has to
get hurt,
Just give me
your heart…

I’d give you mine
At the same time
But I’m afraid you had it
Right from the start…

i need

I need

something to love

I have

so much love to give,

I can spend iT

all on my self

but all that does

is leave me with,

the longing

for something much more

im greedier

than a little kid,

my soul screams

gimmie gimmie

because I want to be

babied just a little bit,

I want to receive

what iT is

that I also

 want to give,

the only problem with that is

it’s a recession

and everyone’s either broke lacking the knowledge of how to love

or holding iT back keeping iT all in,

so like

a domino effect

some get knocked down

and others fall out of iT,

my need

is then viewed as a want

and then I feel 


because I wasnt

able to get

what I was so sure

id be able to convince,

I need

like an obese man starves

the hunger pains

are all in the head

The Right Now

the right here

and right now

are blinded by

the over there

with high lifted eyebrows

of things so far away

materialistic hopes

wont seem to pipe down

where dreams

are never polluted

by thoughts of hard work

and know-how

im part of this


of gimme gimme

and right now

emotions rollings

around more than


and the nasdaq dow

it’s a bitter-sweet thing


by the sweat of own your brow

I was raised

to be a man

not a  pussy that goes meow

where you get down

and dirty

no faking or faux chow

I can be as lazy

as they come

im not holier than thou

but ive learned

i can only reap what I sow

and there’s no time like the right now