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car trouble

its late at night

and all I want

is to go home,

my stomach is grumbling

and I’m bummed

that im all alone,

I got in an argument

that stemmed over

the contents on a phone,

two wrongs don’t make a right

because when your wrong

your wrong…

I’m speeding down

the freeway

when I see someone needs help,

ive been plenty of

a dick today

maybe I should help out,

soon as I hop out the car

I hear somebody yell

“get the fuck down!”,

taking everything

but my smile

 its funny how things come back around…

this is how

I met the misses,

on the gravel from a ghetto event

with her as my witness,

this time she was with her cousin

this was pay back for the heart-break given,


lord forgive ’em….

Talk that Talk

she keeps

talking with her hands,

angry or unsure

happy upset or sad,

i cant tell exactly what she whats

because she keeps changing her demands,

a waving finger cursing sailor

scornful lady who had plans,

without consulting others

so me unknowing, did my own thing & she doesn’t understand,

I don’t mind read or assume

so can simmer down the hand…

oops i did it again

I can’t say it enough

I did iT again,

as if after so many times

there’s something new to win,

but I can’t lie this time

I think there’s something to iT,

because even amongst the odds

iT still showed favor to me, after a bitch thought she bit,

speaking lies of me

adding on to my past,

to fresh new blood

yet you wanted to calculate her math,

giving her math equations

you your self couldn’t add,

the concept of lieing isn’t new

I see you follow with the fad,

of hating because who you’re dating

cant satisfy or deal with your loud obnoxious drunk stumbling ass,

what im saying sounds hurtful

please allow me to reframe,

it seems like where im going

im going there again,

except this time its a slightly different path

because the company accompanying isn’t at all about playing pretend,

although ive made mistakes in past

I think what started as it did before wont end like it did again,

my flesh my heart my mind my soul

cant deny what it sees and feels,

so im hoping what im hoping for

is authentic and all so real,

because at first

it felt too surreal,

but my breaking the diet with something just for my sweet tooth

turned out to be the full course satisfying meal