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Beg to differ?

she doesn’t want much

but im not willing to give

what she does,

it’s all a matter of love

and where my hearts come from

a slight push automatically receives a shove,

her right hook

has never been mistook

for some kind type of hug,

she’s mistaken

what is agape

with generic physical attraction,

considering how one meets

depicts what repeats

and what isn’t at random,

 “just” is just that

and there are no promises made

when we’re “just having fun”,

what you put up with

you end up with

 oh you beg to differ? I hope you have a good run

side stepping from the point

this seems to be the time

that the tides

are running high,

although contact

of the eye

triggers thought altering lies,

that can only be enflamed

when questioned

with a million “whys”,

aren’t you



be gone


You Cant Stop My ShiNE pt2

ive done my things

ive done my dirt

& yes they have scar’d

yes they have hurt

but I cant let that be

reason to continue being a jerk

I have to shake IT off

& dust off my self

do what I can

with the cards that im dealt

look towards the sky

far away from my self

hoping I can stop “that”

from happening to anybody else

I cant stop the feelings

that seem to others soul appealing

I just hope I can spark

at least a little bit of peeling,

from the onions of your heart

that makes your eyes water & cry & fall apart

soul you realize every bad thing

just keeps you lost in control of the dark