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Mans best friend

Should I
Kiss your ass
Some more?

Should I
Shovel my face
In shit?

Know that I love you
And am only
Making references,

To you
And yours alike
As a so called bad bitch,

So bad in fact
I laugh out loud
as I unwittingly tisk tisk,

coincidence is one thing
But Einstein confirmed
All has its relevance,

I hate everyone I love
And you my dear
Are no different…


Crossed Priority Blunder

Cross the T’s
And dot the i’s
Take his thoughts
Reshape her thighes.

Configured truths
Make up for lies.
While The real is read
Between the lines

iN Passion iGo

its cold

out side

I want to be

in the warm,

I want to be

of love

where our souls

can take form,

grab ahold

of each other

choke to death

and not let go,

a bad romance

in a trance

forever going with

the flow,

I want the fights

the tears

the make up

the “after” glow,

the not being able

to live

without the other

I want the whole show,

God has blessed me with choices

& The devil saw iT fit

to tempt me with

detours with quicker roads,

so I take

what I can get

because iN passion



more than that


authentic the really real,


to be able to show my colors

and let the other

know exactly how I feel,

I’m tired

of being in character

so that I don’t hurt my self

with things that I feel,

My passion

has driven me blind

where the “Go”

has no substance to its appeal,

no push to the kart

what is passion

if not the push

with the flamboyant zeal,

all my excitement

in the world

holds nothing


to Love

because Love

is not of IT

its of the spirit its REAL,

everything else

is but the motions

and I’m learning

how to deal

how long


She waits
But for how long,
One can’t miss their ride
Because somebody else is on pause,

Stay strong
She might tell her self with contempt,
Because her friends certainly
Don’t want her to hold her breathe,

One can only receive
What their being given,
You can give to receive
But you can only plant seeds
Not force others to be driven,

We want what we want
And wants are very strong,
In time all things will come to be
But the only question thought, is, how long?


my view

is askew

I cant tell

which way is directly up,

by the time

I do

it would appear

like my time is up,

fears confuse

like an interlude

in the middle

in which has me messing up,

the in between


from beginning to end

 with slow motion not being slow enough,

very independent

but at the moment

I need someone to hold my hand

because that is what makes me tough,

a warrior

all alone

going through masses of enemies

all for the split second of feeling love


the truth isn’t hard to hear

it’s just hard to accept,

time is of the essence

and there is hardly any left,

there’s no time like the present

but those are prone to theft,

by those with little to nothing to do

with a strong case of hate in their chest,

the heart beats 1-2 1-2

but the mic didn’t catch it during sound check,

we repeat going off in circles

but with each spin it loses zest,

of all places where it’s not so clean

I don’t think that it’d be best,

sugar coding with sweaty self loathing

put that thought to rest,

the truth isn’t pretty but it frees Willie

if you only accept…

you get what you expect

why does one

ask something

they don’t


want the answer to?

you know

the outcome

yet here you go

ready to,

pounce and

throw a fit

because what

just happen

you expected to,

so I continue

to give what you expect

why should I

bother to

surprise you?

you set up


to catch me


an act,

maybe he’ll


maybe he



the way

I don’t want him to

but my dear


very fact,

that I know

what you’re doing

give me reason

to deny you

the pleasure

in that