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Bad timing

To breathe…
(Just) to be…
I AM sure
That is all,
She is wanting…
But me…
selfish me…
Craves to keep her,
For me
& only
Not in a cage,
More than likely
A very elegant leash…
My hands
Would never dare pull
Without her permission,
Since I prefer
To control
Not physically,
But mentally…
To be,
I yearn
Like an innocent youth
With all of my might,
& All of my soul
To have it be,
Just her
and me.
Wrapped in one another
Heavily breathing…
She’s been a slave
Far before
I started lusting
For her
No matter
How badly
I would give
For she,
To be


she doesn’t care

she just wants to break free,

no longer looking at her self

crying constantly comparing,

to others-her want

is never fleeting,

there are far too many options & things

for someone to be,

the essence of your self

isn’t quite as unique as you thought it to be,

looking for love in this club

that others simply go for mating,

being out and about at 2am

isn’t going to find you that love your forever seeking,

being of this world

is similar to a cat stuck in a tree,

may the servants of your God

hurry up and beam thee,




farther than the eye can see,

keep your arms wide open

and never cease from praying.


On or Off Target

outside of death

hunger knows no bounds

underneath the heavens

there is no limit,

until you reach an outter space

where your worth

your weight in gravity

and time measures your distance,

 dog eats dog

jealousy fuels

and hard headedness

is appreciated by the ignorant,

 IT is

what you make IT

you can say you did

but IT wont do you any good if you really didn’t,

you can never

change your past

just steer in a clearer direction

and hope the future has something different,

they say you can’t

b.s. a b.s’er


if the other one is fluent,

I would sit here

and go tit for tat

but unfortunately

I’m not that patient,

maybe it’s because

I’m pressed for time

and I have yet

to hit my objective,

It may be

my a.d.h.d.

or the scent of someone else approaching my hydrant

that makes me possessive,

but the Lord knows

my heart would be

with no flame or desire

if there wasnt competition for my obsession


Self interest

highly addicted

overly medicated

mom tested & kid approved,

wearing all the template faces

reflecting off

the many moods

of all the moons,

this is different

the weeks been twisted

woe to what sexy mixed in

& to what Elohim showed through & proved,

 even though

my mind knows better

my flesh wants what is clever

and to satisfy its worldly womb,

a little to drink

a lot to smoke

taking away the powers to think

about our close approaching/appending doom,

I await with a smile and a peace sign

something pretty on my lap/raw hide

when really all that is needed is my  bible app

and patience for these wounds to soothe


Just Go With iT

so stubborn


stuck in



one doesn’t take

time out of the day

to truly



if there’s

another way

promise / believe


then repeat,

but how

are you going to know

if you


cant even see?

they say


is for sleepers

and that very well

may be,

but once you wake up

 and that vision

is still burning

are you willing

to pay the fee,




and then

try again,

practice makes perfect


if we’re

writing iT

with pen,

 there’s no such thing

as typos

just improv


 just go with iT.


a Rush is upon me

and I know not what to do

I have so much energy I can run

but I know not where to run to

im usually never like this

im usually on a slow cruise

some how my souls foot is on the gas pedal

& I just have to go vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooom…

a boom

a stamped

a ruckus

a noise,

is what

I want to make

then stand

in a glorious pose/poise,

if you ever

feel like I feel

please GET UP

and hear your inner voice,


that ITs GooD

but ultimately

its your choice



The Cost

I AM thirsty

& my throat is often parched,

I drink what every body’s drinking

but satisfaction has yet to start,

diluting my attention

from searching other types of charts,

that can possibly

approach & penetrate the deep vaults of the heart,

way beyond the bridge

of what ladies have already arched,

way past the pain of what mighty men

have often marched,

battling to the death, with a balance more won

then most have lost,

figured it gave a reason

to wear a smile with a slightly jaded gloss,

but exhaustion has left warriors confused

with their mind’s eye crisscrossed,

with ethics & morals

off to the side heaved & tossed,

out in to the cold

still yet to defrost,

from the shakes & the quakes

and what victory has often cost