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Todays forecast

1st off
Let’s start out
The facts,
I’m customer service
Ending off with
The mission of the plan,
God makes it
And protects against
The damned,
it’s up to me
To not drop
What IT hands,

But today
May be a day
Gone crazy
Or perfect,
Liars & thieves
In Sheep’s clothing
Acting hella
I pray love
Hasn’t shunned me
And allows me to
Step on & stop the waves & the current,
Your at bat
And these mother fuckers
look hungry and with purpose,

I supply
Lingerie By day
And health insurance
Right after, Until the night,
I start off my day
Don’t step on my bulge
Because I don’t
want to indulge In swine,
What one can’t have
Seems to be the agenda
Everyone’s appetite,
Everyone wants to
Deal with me in shadows
Because I shine too bright
In the light,

I got fresh
Power steering
Whipping corners with a grip
Against all your attempts to make me frown,
The saint with the glory
A perv with a story
And the joy from a smile
Paint on as a clown,
I multitask With the purpose
To take full on advantage
Of every loop hole luxury
Before I blast off or drown,
I’m the best worker
You can have
Success bound who right now
Has every full intent on dicking around.


I do
So much
out of irony,
I forget
who I am
Because I ironed
all that was inside of me,
Having to
cater to others
Can be
soul drained tiring,
But I feel like
the character i play
is needed Because
to be a goof is either funny or inspiring..

The current vision
That has my attention
carries herself in such a way
It requires me to have to bite my lip,
With the unnatural reaction
To hesitate
And to have to
Second think,
Is this polite/ Is that offensive
Her frame is so chilling
It Leaves me In the pursuit
To perfect my form so I can fit,
Into a slimmer taller image
That would completely
Perfectly Match
And Compliment,
The Self conscious like no other
Female off the deep end
I stare into the mirror
sucking IT in and holding IT in
like a Hollywood Dream corset…

It’s been a minute Since
I’ve been In the presence of
Someone with some substance
That has an opinion and can politic,
I hope my ramblings
And random in bursts of silence
don’t push away or at all
seem any bit of counterfeit,
To The man
The myth (self described legend)
That gets loud with authority
When ever Passionate,
I’ve been told before
I can be too much
So I purposely
Tried to hold IT back a bit,
Which only creates More pressure
Allowing for other
Self destructing characteristics
To quickly show & slowly slip,
Now I must go off
And some how hide
Until I see the perfect lighting
From the horizon to take off the unnecessary wig