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Dont Look Here

i cant be

every where at once

so where ever i go

i have to leave my mark,


to seduce

just to create a checkpoint

where i can restart,

feelings of the past

leave behind

and ahead

a guilty spark,

that can ignite

at any moment

choosing the time

is what becomes

the art..


a matador

never fights the bull

unless its

a little hurt and tired out,

the element

of surprise

leaves jaws open

uncovering the mouth,

that breathes in

all that i need

to some how

get you to shout,

in pain

from my void

that it creates

even more doubt..


you’ve combed

a cleaned out your house

but i tend to leave

tinier bread crumbs behind,

that blends into

the carpets the floors

your soul

your mind,

the heart

is easy to manipulate

because wounds heal

with time,

but they also

leave gaps

that reminisce

yearning for what is no longer thine…


in hopes that

reverse psychology

triggers your



the same spots

i would when it was

just you and me,


the same words

that would set

your mind at ease,

is done not only

to appease

but to also

keep you at your knees…


give not


to what isn’t


what hurt

once before

will hurt

even worse,

the enemy


to what isn’t

so for sure,

any doubt

and hope

can be used

to make you slur,

what ever lines

that may have

taken so long

to even paint and curve,

what goes up

must come down

hence how gravity

brings us down to earth…


how about you let go

and just listen to me,

believe what i say

and forget what your think,

you’ve learned from the past

for the future but presently,

its effecting what im trying

dont leave room for hesitating,

i want some fast results

no time for contemplating,

i feel plans being foiled

they better not be for me,

in the wilderness we live

even though the scenery is in the city,

i think we should stick to our own

you animals are making things messy and not so easy


it taste so sweet

to the lips,

yet it

burns and scrapes the tongue,

all I want

is a kiss,

but I don’t know

where they’ve come from,

that which is loose

sinks ships,

playing innocent

and dumb,

ive been waiting

all week for this,

but it ran away as fast

as shadows do from the sun..


I search

and I search

for something

of my past,

that brought me

great joy

that brought me

many laughs,

others who have

had iT

threw iT away

really fast,

as soon as

something newer

was within

their grasp..

iTs a big

harder for me

since I consider my self

some what of a collector,

of things

I once or twice got rid of

just to see if I can

once again find the nectar,

the fruit the joy the juice

the thing

that things give

energy & inspiration to lecture,

some may call iT

making the same mistakes

I like to call iT

perfecting my hypothesis structure

{note to reader: one of my many fascination

that turns into full-blown out obsessions

whether I can afford it or not

has been trying to find old super Nintendo video games,

more specifically Super Mario games.

there’s quite a hefty price tag on these old things.

I remember people couldn’t even give them away,

and now they can sell more than what its new-generation counter parts  go for.

supply and demand is a mother fucker,

especially with a new generation of gamers

wanting to go “retro” like it’s the thing to do.

I don’t mind styles being brought back, but that’s because I don’t keep up with that,

don’t you dare mess with what I hold dear (they didn’t listen. lol).

In reality I can just download the games from the internet

but it just wouldn’t have the same feeling I had when I was younger,

the frustration of dust getting into the cartridge not being able to play

to the feeling of being able to sit in front of the tv in comfort of not being hunched over the computer.

I enjoy searching places to see if I can find a deal, even though gases prices (my budget) don’t agree with that. 

I don’t like buying things online, but that’s what it looks like I might have to do.

Unless someone reading this can bless me with something that’s just taking up space. }