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Excuse Me, Pardon Me

I must admit


has never been

my strongest suite,

and because of that

ill never quit

what drives me is

the hot pursuit,

of something that

is in my way

I could give less than two squirts of a shhh

If I want then I’ll want and then I’ll show and I’ll prove,

to be the victor

seeing the bigger picture

a friend I am not

of any obstacle,

maybe going

a little bit beyond

what was necessary

but I can’t help it im either nothing or extraordinary

when I’m next to the impossible,

…(split second pause for breathe)…


at full charge

can I get an Amen

or at least a #Woo

There is nothing so stable as change.

tomorrow isn’t promised

the only thing consistent

is change,

we can stack things

in perfect order

but that doesn’t mean they wont rearrange,

as soon as we let go of something

there that goes

back in the never-ending altering maze,

of course

there are some people

that are forever stuck in their ways,

and then

there are others

who are just going through a phase,

no matter how we test or measure

there is nothing as stable

as the times love affair with the change