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In a Rush for a Belly Ache of Pain

in a race

to swallow

there’s no time

to chew,

my technique is fait

all attempts at glory are shallow

and to rewind would be kind

but I’m sure that’s only an option for a very limited few

On or Off Target

outside of death

hunger knows no bounds

underneath the heavens

there is no limit,

until you reach an outter space

where your worth

your weight in gravity

and time measures your distance,

 dog eats dog

jealousy fuels

and hard headedness

is appreciated by the ignorant,

 IT is

what you make IT

you can say you did

but IT wont do you any good if you really didn’t,

you can never

change your past

just steer in a clearer direction

and hope the future has something different,

they say you can’t

b.s. a b.s’er


if the other one is fluent,

I would sit here

and go tit for tat

but unfortunately

I’m not that patient,

maybe it’s because

I’m pressed for time

and I have yet

to hit my objective,

It may be

my a.d.h.d.

or the scent of someone else approaching my hydrant

that makes me possessive,

but the Lord knows

my heart would be

with no flame or desire

if there wasnt competition for my obsession

Idk how to stop


I don’t know how to stop
I’m sure I have brakes
But that isn’t
The case

It’s hard to say no
When you have
What you want /right there
In front of your face

it’s hard to know
When to say no
Especially if you don’t have to
bother with the chase

The coyote
Would grow fat comfortably
If the roadrunner
Always stayed in place

But here you are
Front and center
With what has no good
Other than the taste

They say
The best comes to those
With the patience
To wait

I want everything
Right then
And there
Waiting isn’t part of my game

If there’s no results
Then odious
I’d hate to say
This is but a waste

I want
Instinct satisfaction
Which has made me immune
Like used tape

I don’t even know
What I want
Open and shut case

Or is it

handling me

the more

you feed

the beast

the more

iT will need

to feed

small scraps

and sporadic


wont fix

the egos

ever-growing greed

iTs metabolism

has now


an even


sort of stead

that will


and can



once iT

has lost

all of iTs


by the way

that the locomotive

is stampeding

I don’t fore see

that within



and I just ate

 a pirates life

is the life

for me

with all my


stuck together

on a

deserted island

with no way

to escape the beach

here I go

claiming to be


when really


have no control

of handling