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The Demons We Know & Love

We all fuss,
We all fight.
Sometimes in a rush,
Sometimes outta spite.
Usually because
entitled we recite.
Allowing the hurt we endure
Kept alive & just ripe.
The beast on its toes
We entice through the night.
Questioning the weakness
That is now
Only After
a swing & a bite.



do I want

to give your phone

a ring,

but sadly

I know

that your probably

somewhere out or in with him,

I’ve never met him

im not threatened

but I know he makes

your heart sing,

and as my muse

for a brief moment

I know what I want

is that  something,

my thirst isn’t quenched

by those

who to me

do the calling,

is this my payback

possibly that

or I want what isn’t for me

to be having,

so I just admire you

from instagram

since I have no reason

to give you a ring-a-ling,

although I know

if we did anything

I’d have you stuck in repeat

like your all time favorite movie scene,

and yet still I don’t call

because to me


is the worst thing,

they say it’s better

to have loved and lost

but as a writer

I need my torturing,

with that said

I leave my wanting

held on the line


Have fun with IT

give’em a little bit of power

and see what they do with IT,

shower them with kisses

and see how quickly it takes for them to spit,

venom on their webs

as accidentally as premeditated gets,

its so sad how true to life

the flock of feathers sticks to the prototype of bitch,

one must be in full on character

to swallow pride and experiment,

give someone your entire world

see if they trash or they recycle IT,

are lessons learned best used to teach how to avoid

or how to get even with?

i still need more information

so for now lets just have fun with IT

a note to a not so secret silent stalker

she wants to see

whats going on

for some reason

im a subject of interest,

never before have I gotten

so much of her attention

it must be because she’s either bored

or because my presence as of lately has been missing,

social networks

are the playground (sand box)

for acquaintances of yester year

to get around the tension,

that they chose

to ignore (such a selfish whore)

or refuse

to make amends with,

I can’t lie

I stepped away as well

from confrontation

just like they did,

it’s just that right now

more than ever

has reconnecting (reconciliation)

become such a temptation,

to interact with

feet that teeter tater’d/pitter patter’d

all over my back

while my heart remains in the air suspended,

im probably thinking

too much into it/ahead then

what my hard head

can keep up with/ continue  comprehending

where does the time go when life continues to roll

oh how the time passes

while my infamous of actions

drag slower than molasses

im forever sitting right in the middle of life’s lecturing classes

constantly wiping off the tears from my bifocal allure of glasses

that aggravation escalates and often violently trashes

the conclusion I was so close to finally grasping

what did I do to have Allah/Jahova damn iT

then all calms down once my face embraces cold water splashes