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To follow the leader

Is the cloud
High up
Is the view,

It’s hard
To see wrongs
When our ways
Are the truth,

Only to be
By the adrenaline
Ignorance fuels,

Is this generation
The blind
Lead by fools…



What is modesty
When you can
Your self dressing

Only lead back
To alternate choices
You didn’t make at the beginning

Making the meal
All the worse
Who likes to run
When things get heavy?

Stuff your face
Amen, ending.



do I want

to give your phone

a ring,

but sadly

I know

that your probably

somewhere out or in with him,

I’ve never met him

im not threatened

but I know he makes

your heart sing,

and as my muse

for a brief moment

I know what I want

is that  something,

my thirst isn’t quenched

by those

who to me

do the calling,

is this my payback

possibly that

or I want what isn’t for me

to be having,

so I just admire you

from instagram

since I have no reason

to give you a ring-a-ling,

although I know

if we did anything

I’d have you stuck in repeat

like your all time favorite movie scene,

and yet still I don’t call

because to me


is the worst thing,

they say it’s better

to have loved and lost

but as a writer

I need my torturing,

with that said

I leave my wanting

held on the line


Grab Me By The Neck

As I breathe
As I live
As I stand,
I am no good
By the standards
Of he who created man,
So when ever
My services are needed
I jump on demand,
To serve
And to protect
Those who don’t have a chance,
My own will is weak
So forgive me when
I don’t hear & follow your command,
I pray you show me mercy
As you Grab me by the neck
And make me understand



we’re off to see the wizard

we’re off to see the king,

we’re off to ask a favor

& figure out what IT means,

a chase is an endless journey

i should have chosen better teams,

to make IT a bit easier

when IT gets down to revealing,

anticipation has me hooked

like a fish to a string that’s reeling,

i cant wait to SEE

is IT butterflies that im feeling?


lighter flame

the people have spoken

but they know not

what they’re talking about,

caring more of

them selves then what

is happening all around,

why would you think

it’s so easy for politicians

to take the frowned upon route,

their fans are but only fans

that only circulate & shoot the

hot air that their leader is blowing out

we stick to our guns

that are influenced by the funds

that can so easily go up from infinite down to none

once lost only leaving us with options that we thought were done

claiming & praying

for a faith

& some saving