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inspiration or creation

thoughts like random brain farts

normally float out

but im being hit with concepts

that are sly talking their mischievous way in,

suddenly and yet not fast enough

the ground is in the sky

im falling up

and I can’t tell where something ends and where it begins…

angles and theories

jokesters who seriously

don’t know if their delirious

or sane enough to know the difference from righteous,

 sitting on top of clouds

getting a tan from an eternal sunshine

 of a mind that at times

seems as packed as time square and then empty and spotless

How eye see

The way eye see

is rather strange

technology advances

but some methods hardly change

in order of importance

more than often rearrange

how eye look at big picture

settling for the wallet size in exchange

oh how our differences



iT wanders

and iT gropes

where ever iT can

iT will surely go

what ever iT can touch

iT will thrust full throttle

the fingers of my mind

irritate more than pills that are way too big to swallow

attacking nothing but still waters

im already aware that are shallow

yet iT doesn’t care

 forever do those fingers wander