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Good For Your Health

As I make it

to the third point

of the termination


only anger

towards my enemy


and I know better,

why should I

reflect on what I can’t


I am no beggar,

but then the need

to push and showcase the truth

mixes my feelings

like a blender,

so this

will be

the end

of a rant,

and now

the only thing

that you will read

is my early morning chant,

which will be

on something positive

because I

don’t believe in “I can’t”,

so with

the graces

of he who shall not be named

clear me of my damned, in fact

since my leaving


has done nothing but

fall in my lap,

as soon as I leave

my back up plan

there’s always something to do

like reconnecting with those I lost contact with in the past,


instead of

dragging ass

my days are moving fast,


don’t come so soon

lets enjoy the moment

and really make it last,

I’m taking

big steps


no longer used for stealth,

lost unwanted


like fat around the body

I’m glad to use a belt,

In this

Arizona heat

cold-blooded hearts

easily burn or melt,

so I’ve decided

to be happy

because its

good for my health

ready or not

iT screams

iT yells

but we don’t

wanna listen,

iTs hot

iTs sweaty

but yet we remain

enslaved in the kitchen,

we win some

lose some

some times iT hits

more than iT is missin’,

that awkward


where you realize

your on a mission…

let no delay

scare away

whats been

implanted in your heart,

whats been shaken

and stirred

is waiting for you

to drop iT like iTs hot,

to make a move

so you can do

and pave way

to the plot,

iTs going to happen

wheither we

brace our selves

ready or not