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Catch me if you can


Sweet touches.

Why must you

Fight me away.

I want

What you want.

We shouldn’t have to go

Into endless loops

Just for the hopes

Of being able

To be

on the exact same page.

– Yet we do.

i need

I need

something to love

I have

so much love to give,

I can spend iT

all on my self

but all that does

is leave me with,

the longing

for something much more

im greedier

than a little kid,

my soul screams

gimmie gimmie

because I want to be

babied just a little bit,

I want to receive

what iT is

that I also

 want to give,

the only problem with that is

it’s a recession

and everyone’s either broke lacking the knowledge of how to love

or holding iT back keeping iT all in,

so like

a domino effect

some get knocked down

and others fall out of iT,

my need

is then viewed as a want

and then I feel 


because I wasnt

able to get

what I was so sure

id be able to convince,

I need

like an obese man starves

the hunger pains

are all in the head

iSee London iSee France iSee blah-blah-blah’s underpants

she said she wants to talk

but once its time she has nothing to say,

blank stares and actions reflecting a mime

who has had one too many glasses of chardonnay,

I think I see what she’s trying to do

but is It my job to assume and pull the sleigh

if I don’t like to watch whats on the channel

must I sit through the uncomfortable motions and stay?

Black Friday

the sales

the sales

the sales are nuts,

I can save so much

if I only

spend so much…

sleeping over night in the cold

with a bunch of strangers

always sounds like fun,

so I can get 2 hours of sleep

and then push my way

like a crazy in a rush when I run..


somebodys grandma

I need this plasma tv more than you do,

your arthritis kicked in

at the wrong time

you got to be tough if you expect to cruise through…

the urgency

the now or never

the door buster deals,

just throws you for a loop

in predator mode

ready to jump, shove & steal