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Don’t lie.

Do just that.

Any one can recite.

Our actions
Express facts.



Truths hidden
often cry.

When our blurred images
Yell right back…

Wants Melt

I don’t take
Very well.

It’s either
You love me
Or you
Can go to hell.

Like the creator
Above me

And all
Ones left with
Are the conviction
In them selves…

All I wanted was her heart
She wore
like a belt.

Kill time
Her flesh
She gave to someone else.

The angels
Would Tend to cry
Her demons
Couldn’t stand the smell.

The blood
Of something Greater
Would more times than not
Fiercely Compel.

Creating a cycle
That would reflect
The flaming fires
Of hell.

Only to look back
And wish
For a stronger will
In my self.

Behind the smoke

I lied
through my teeth

As your lies poured
Out Through your cheeks.

“Caught up”
Was only
A fraction
Of the entire
Dis functional story

Holes in the evidence
And Hoes for the lack
Of a better word
Are chose for you and for me.

Say that we loved
Each other
But did we

I had pains
From missing you
But that could of been
The hunger and need for you

You cried
For me
Clinging on
With furious force
Always Making a scene.

We must of been
Both blowing smoke
Because I couldn’t tell
What was a “front”
And what came out
In honesty
Since it was so frequently,

We hated each other
For being different
In personality

Oh how similar we were
Behind the scenes
Pssh… Monogamy

Chained to my desk

With #feelings
And a #mode
I #wish not to #speak,
I #live #vicariously
Through my #ninjas
Since it isn’t
#customerservice #Friendly

Bruised ego & loss of a friend

The sky’s
Are grey
No color,
The like
For one
Has lost
A brotha,
Hurt feelings
Over a broad
as if there isn’t
Plenty or others,
I thought
We were close
Why ruin our bond
Because she offered me to call her,
She denied you
So how can you
Hold on to
Someone who doesn’t want you for a lover,
Either way
The time
Has passed
And It’s all over,
She told me
To get the number from you
But since I’ve mentioned it
you’ve given me The cold shoulder…

getting around


is one feeling

I don’t intend

on passing on,

but I can’t help

the role I play

if I’m not

floating on a cloud,

I carry heavy weight


that wont

allow me to carry on,

my god took them away

but I picked them back up

as soon as I felt



can handle this

this is only

but a kiss,

if cupid



may she miss,

I don’t know

if I’m ready

to just

up and quit,

I just


the power of my words

oh how passion stems from the lips,

my dear if you

lay lifeless

understand its just shock

in time you’ll get over this

A little birdie told me

news sure does

travel fast

especially when its juicy

even more when its something slightly tilted/exaggerated & bad,

“did you hear about what so and so did?”

“oh yeah, I heard she was mad”,

a lie is more appealing to the heart of the  eye

so of course embellishment is going to enrich it just a tad,

like a snowball effect down a mountain

it gets even bigger every go around like a reoccurring fad,

so once the news hits them over the head

how can one keep self-contained and not get a little mad?

 “word on the tweet is you had a crazy weekend”

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to all my exes still stuck on my sweetness

If you can take a Richard then you can take a joke, my dear quit being such a pessimistic fag