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Butterfly feelings

What frightens me

Is that

I feel a danger looming

And it’s music to my ears.

I’ve been

in search of love

But it looks like

I’ve been really chasing tears..


To give emotion

Since I’m not too sure

If I can still feel…

I’m looking

For my killer

Bare ass,

Hoping it draws near….

Sit & Wait

I sit

and I wait,


is sure to come.

I’ve noticed never when I want it

no matter how fast I run,

towards it

I absorb hits

still leaving me with none,

of the excitement

fear ignites with,


you’re no fun

Lemme (us) Go

You hush up


don’t you

open up

your mouth,

it took this


to figure out the problem

do you really think

im just going to let you on out?

they say

where you lay your hat

is your home

you’re not going anywhere

so relax and welcome to your new house,

what was being done before

didn’t work

your ideas and notions

are now being delouse’d,

so I


you stay

as quiet

as a mouse,

this action/affection

is my retaliation

for your short comings

my split/spare personality

you very naughty spouse,

the more

your squeal and

the more you meow

then all the more

you’ll violently arouse,

my cynicism

please do it for the children

their all tied together

with my holy and whore contour like a vow,

nice guy decor

the assholes

are taking over

security don’t let him breathe

or anybody else, get out!

If looks could kill

Why waste

any time

call a circle a circle

and a free spirit a whore,

this going around

and round in circles

its tedious

and really such a bore,

we all want to get

to the fun part

why beat around the bush

with what seems like a chore,

that in which has been

set in the stone in the past

so lets chisel out the option

of an “or”,

cut straight

to the chase

the chase

brings nothing more,

then a couple

how do ya do’s

that mean nothing

to the score,

are you aiming

for longevity

or simply scratching the itch

of curiosity so that you can now explore,

the deeper findings

of a silver lining

no strings all benefits

how can you ignore,

the request

of such a blunt beauty

who promises

nothing more,

than a good time

pre or post corona & lime

 full of enough motion

to keep one away from a snore,

if looks could kill

she’d fit the bill

she’s a man-eater

my cherie amour

The Chase






angels and demons

in the flesh

at the wrong time, perfect setting,


into the soul

wisdom of fear

so one is never forgetting,

how close

the far away

from believable

has got you sweating,



all signs

point to YES,

trying your hardest

to lawyer the mind

on what and why

somethings burning right through your chest,

the soul

wont let it go

the wicked never get

any rest,

dragged up and down all around

the long hour days

hiding from

our own mess,

of  the torture

and the chase

iT is

but a test